Any good gifts?

jonny deep

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Get anything good this year (recording-related or otherwise)?

My girlfriend surprised me with tickets to see my favourite comedian (Stewart Lee).


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I bought myself all sorts of stuff:
PreSonus faderport
Audix i5
Fender '68 Deluxe Reverb RI
Marshall DSL40CST
And a couple of patchbays

Santa just couldn't keep up so I took matters into my own hands :)


Got enough strings for my electric (6 sets), acoustic (3 sets) and bass (1 set) for the year. Same I get every year from my wife. I'm thinking if I buy more guitars and basses, she'll buy me more Christmas strings! :laughings:
Also got some patch cords I didn't need, but they're pairs of ROYGBV, so I'm sure I'll find a use for them. :)
Got three new dress shirts and ties from MIL, and slippers from daughter, and a new crock pot...not sure where that came from :spank:
And I get to share in my wife's her a new TV to hang on the wall...