An Important Article Obama What’s Up? By Rakan Ben Williams


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An Important Article

Obama What’s Up?


Rakan Ben Williams

Greetings to the followers of guidance.

The grandson of Kunta Kinte, who controls the fate of the white American man in the hand of the lions of Jihad in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the lions of the Taliban Movement Obama, do you remember Kunta Kinte?

Perhaps the White House has made you forget the black man!
Let’s r e f r e s h
your memory, Barack Hussein Obama.

Kunta Kinte

He was a man, who was enslaved in 1750 when slave traders came to the jungles of Gambia. They captured more than 100 men and took them to the country known as the land of the freedom.

Kunta Kinte

He was sold for just a few dollars. He was valued by his master at only 750 dollars.

Kunta Kinte He was an example of freedom, patience and forbearance.
He was among those written about, who arrived in America, the land of freedom.

As for the rest of his brothers, they were not able to bear the torture, the domination, the restriction in small cabins in the hold of the ship.

They died while on their way to the land of freedom.
They were thrown into the depths of the seas and oceans and were snatched up by the fish.
So the bodies of white Americans were devoid of values, kindness and principles.

They had nothing to worry about besides gathering money however they could, even if that meant depriving people of freedom, killing innocent people and occupying their lands, and they are still doing so.

To deceive the people even more, they named their colonies, The United States of merica, the land of the freedom.

Barak Hussein Obama, do you remember now who Kunta Kinte is?

400 years have passed since the slave trade was happening on the pre**** of bringing a workforce for sugar, cotton, tobacco and coffee plantations.

The old and ugly Britain, what is called Spain (the lost Andalusia) and Holland were the countries which were involved in the slave trade. Millions of humans were sent to America and cheaply sold.

This is you all, Obama… a mentality that only understands racial superiority!

After all the slaves were freed in America by the efforts of the slaves themselves and those Americans who stood with them who had a conscience.

America enslaved all the regimes, the satellite channels and hired pens.

We still remember the Annapolis Conference and the slaves who went running there.

We don’t forget Annapolis. It is the city in which Kunta Kinte was sold.

It is an evil symbol of slavery, and therefore, The Middle East Peace Conference was convened there on November 27, 2007, at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Marlyland , U.S.A. The conference closed with the issuance of a joint statement by all the slaves who participated in the so called conference.

The conference was organized by the United States under the supervision of its Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and lasted for one day.

That wasn’t enough for you. So you set up Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib to hold the lions of Islam and Jihad, especially the leaders and Sheikhs.

You were able to get some, but your efforts failed, and you captured some relief workers here and there, thinking that they were part of al Qaeda, which gives you no rest.
We have seen, and the whole world has seen how you treated the prisoners in the camps of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

You were aware of the scandals that were published to break the morale of the Mujahidin.

How evil were your deeds?

And now the White American Prisoner is in the hands of the Lions of the Taliban

On Sunday, the U.S. Department of Defense “The Pentagon” was forced to disclose the identity of the American soldier, who was kidnapped in Afghanistan at the end of last June. This was after the Taliban broadcast a video tape of the soldier on the internet, in which he expressed his fear of not returning to his homeland and seeing his family again.

The U.S. CNN network quoted the Pentagon, saying in its statement that the name of the kidnapped soldier is Bowe R. Bergdahl, who is 23 years old and is from Ketchum, Idaho.

The statement indicated that the soldier was considered missing with unknown whereabouts on the first of July, and then his status was changed to missing-captured on the third of the same month.

Bergdahl had previous to Sunday appeared on a video tape on
internet sites and talked about his fears that he might be killed at the hands of his captors. The U.S. Army condemned the
showing of this tape, saying that these shots are Taliban Movement propaganda, which violates the rules of international law.

The U.S. soldier, who was kidnapped in Paktika Province in East
Afghanistan, showed emotion during his talk about his family
members in the United States when he said, “I have a very, very good family.

I hope to return to it in America. I miss them every day
that I am away from them.” The U.S. soldier, whose identity was unknown prior to showing the video, continued saying, “I miss them, and I am afraid that I won’t be able to see them again.

I will not be able to tell them that I love them again or to hug them once again.”

He expressed his feelings of fear, saying, “I am afraid that I won’t be able to return to my homeland. Being a prisoner makes me very nervous.” However, he indicated that his captors are treating him “like a guest.” It continued, saying, “We will continue our efforts, using all means and all our available sources to ensure the return of the soldier safely to his homeland.”​

As for the Abu Ghraib Prison, speak out without mbarrassment.

The pictures buried in our memory are sufficient to express the
travesty which took place at hands of U.S. soldiers, may God afflict them.

The difference is very clear between the treatment of the American prisoner in the hand of the lions of the Mujahidin Muslim Taliban.

The treatment was good, and that was very clear in the tape, which the Taliban broadcast and according to what the American soldier said.

Compare this to the U.S. treatment of Muslim prisoners.

Question: How are the Mujahidin treating you?
Answer: They are treating me like a guest. It is better than the treatment that I was getting at the fort in America.

Question: You have spent several days with the Taliban.
What do you think of them? What kind of people are they?
Answer: They are regular people fighting for their beliefs, their
religion and their country. There is nothing unusual about them or
their equipment. They are normal people defending their country, as the Americans do.​

Here’s the Best of The Interview with the Prisoner

Question: Has Obama changed anything about the strategy in
Answer: He hasn’t done anything except increase the forces in
Afghanistan, which has in turn resulted in an increase in violence and hatred of the people toward us.
I’m not the only one who believes this.
My friends and fellows here support what I say.
This is futile, and we should not be here.
We are not accomplishing anything, and there is a continuous loss of American lives and money.
We know that we shouldn’t be here.
We should be in our homes.
This is what I believe.

Question: What is your message to your government?
Answer: My message to the government is to withdraw American soldiers from here.
I am an American; I am not an Afghani.
I don’t belong here.
The government’s first concern should be its people
and its homeland. We cannot reform other countries and solve their problems. When our country fails, we cannot assist anyone else.
I am an American, and the government must be concerned with all Americans, including their soldiers here, and they must be concerned with their lives.

Question: Do you have anything to say to any members of your
Answer: Yes. I have my father, my mother, my siblings and their spouses and their children. I also have a girl friend, whom I was hoping to marry. I have my grandfather and my grandmother. I have a great family in America. I miss them every day, and I am afraid that I won’t be able to see them again or to love them and hug them.

Question: What message do you have to your people?
Answer: My fellow soldiers here are spending their blood. Those who know them miss them. You, who have the ability to force the government to return them home, I urge you to return us to our homes where we belong and not here where we waste our preciou time and lives, which we benefited from in our homes. Please retur us to our homeland because the American people have that right.

Question: What do you know about Islam?
Answer: I know a very little about Islam.

Question: In the future, will you become familiar with Islam?
Answer: Yes. I learned that from principles and good character, you shouldn’t judge anything before you understand it, learn what it is and know the truth about it.
This should before giving any kind of judgment about it. Any personal opinion should be based on first knowing what, how and why something is. In the future, I am planning to get more familiar with Islam.
Yes. please do so.
What are you doing, Obama?

Are you going to free the white man and withdraw your soldiers from Afghanistan? Are you going to give the world lessons and good examples with this unprecedented step?

Or are you going to revenge your grandfather Kunta Kinte and leave the white soldier Bowe Bergdahl to meet his certain fate?

But don’t forget he is in the hand of the Taliban.

Do you know who the Taliban are?

The Taliban is the only one capable, by God’s will, to make Bowe Bergdahl the brother of Rakan Ben Williams.

Do you remember Rakan Ben Williams?

Ask George Bush about him. He knows him well.

Maybe he didn’t give you his file.

Last Message:

Did you receive ‘Abdallah ‘Asiri (abu Al Khair’s) message, which he wrote in Jazeerat Al-Arab?

Obama, what’s up?

I ask God to give victory to Islam and Muslims and suppress idolatry and idolaters.

And God hath full power and control over His affairs; but most
among mankind know it not.

Written by your brother who yearns for martyrdom, the secret Al Qaeda soldier .

Rakan Ben Williams

From within America
Friday 11 September 2009


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