A Soundcloud Group for Getuhgrip


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I'm putting a place together where folks can upload tunes for Getuhgrip. The idea is for the place to be sort of a musical get well card; when he listens to the stream he will be hearing stuff that people uploaded specifically so he would hear it. It's a practical way to let him know his friends are thinking of him.

I'm a Soundcloud novice, so if this implodes we can try something else (and I 'll need your help). But the way I understand it, all you have to do is join the Group and then you can upload a tune to it. I've tossed a couple up there already.

Let's see how this works.

Sounds like a great idea. Please post only once. I deleted the other duplicate threads.
OK - That's more like it! TAE's tunes uploaded and work fine. Holy cow - fantastic work.

We already have almost enough tunes for a real stream, so add stuff people! I'll plan to give Cheri the link so it can be on some kind of smartphone thing that Rick can have in the hospital.

Here's the upload link. https://soundcloud.com/groups/getting-a-grippe
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C'mon dudes... Getuhgrip (Rick) is in a pretty lousy place and space right now and if he's stuck only listening to 3 HR members aside from being bored with a small offering of amateur recordings...he's not going to be feeling the HR Love..

If you already have a soundcloud account it's simple to join the group that Glenn ( Treeline ) started for Rick HERE You just join the group and pick a few tunes that you have on your soundcloud account and upload them to the group..EZ shit....hmmm I'll post this over in AA too.

If you don't have a soundcloud account but have tunes you could share..c'mon it's Christmas a time for giving...it might take a half hour to set up an account upload a few tunes and pass em on to Rick ...here's an HR bro who could use some love and encouragement right now and here's one way we can do that.........bring it on brothers! Just do it!
I added a couple, I don't think this is his style of music, but added anyway.
Good work, all. So far we have 13 tracks posted.

Don't worry about whether you think he'll like your style of music - there's all kinds of stuff up. The recordings run from full on studio grade to cellphone-in-a-diner quality - exactly as they should. The idea here is that Getuhgrip will understand that people are thinking about him. It's a sucky time to be in the frigging hospital and it would depress the hell out of any of us. He's slowly doing better, but the more stuff like this people can whip up, the better. It helps.


Here's the link. https://soundcloud.com/groups/getting-a-grippe
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