A nod to George and the Beatles.


If only for a moment.....
My grandmother's fried chicken was the best!
Isn't that what everyone says?
I never met any of my grandparents. 3 were dead before I was born and my gramps died when I was 3 having never met him.
If my Mum's fried chicken was anything to go by in the days of my youth however, Gran's would probably have batted Colonel Sanders' into next week.
But not Kanye's Gran's ! 🥰

Smithers XKR

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The world seems stupid crazy right now. As in stupid and crazy.... and so are we.

All is forgiven. Blanket amnesty to all, and goodnight! :D
I was trying to be ironic and mock political correctness where we are all treading on eggshells now and you can not say anything anymore so thanks xx


All you have is now
I have a special love KFC being as I met my wife when she was a innocent (sort of :D) 17 year old beauty working the counter at the Local KFC. I was a 22 year old long haired hippie in a local rock band. Man it was love at first site....I walk in and she's oh wow your eyes are so red and I smiled and said wow your eyes so blue. And that's when the trouble started. Turned out we had some mutual friends and I'm talking her up. My friend is outside honking the horn screaming c'mon!...I walk out start the truck and tell my friend I think I just met my wife.....45 years later I still can't shake off the shackles of that ball n chain...she's soooo cute!

She was kind of popular with the band too...ya know starving musicians .....after her shift she'd bring a bucket or two of left over KFC with all the sides...damn that stuff was good.