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Thread: My Corona

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAE View Post
    Not being PPE is not the same as saying they flat out do not protect you from spreading the virus...

    Who said that?

    You keep dancing around this because you really want to believe that wearing a cloth/homemade mask is making a big difference.

    So the only concern is about protecting others...? Well, if you don't FIRST protect yourself, then you may end up getting the virus...and now you have the potential to spread it.

    Again...this is REAL simple.
    If you wear the proper PPE simultaneously protect yourself and others.
    If you just wear some cloth mask or're only somewhat(?) protecting others IF you already have the virus.
    If we want to make the claim that COVID-19 is substantially worse than the common flu...then wouldn't we want protection for ourselves as much as others?

    Why is this so hard...?

    I think everyone just wants to believe that any mask is making a difference...and I do feel that most people are wearing masks not because they're thinking, "Oh yeah, in case I have the virus, this bandana will help me not to spread it".
    Instead, most are assuming that because we are being told that any old mask can help stop the spread...that means it's protecting THEM from getting the virus...and THAT is why people are wearing anything they can find.

    The CDC made it easy, and now most people are not concerned about finding proper medical/N95 masks anymore.
    I've actually seen people in the media talking about paper towels and coffee filters as good options if you don't have a proper mask.
    My favorite so far was the guy who had no he took off his shirt and wrapped it around his face...and they let him in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miroslav View Post
    Wearing a cloth/homemade mask is making a big difference.
    Finally we agree on something!

    Sometimes Miro ...I swear if I had a rake!
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    Well...if you want to play that game...I'll start quoting and editing all your posts, but then what would be the point of that.

    You just have a hard time accepting the reality of cloth masks, because you so badly want to believe in their overall value.

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    Here’s what comes down to.
    We’re quibbling over bullshit details, a can’t see the forest for the trees kind of thing.

    Bottom line. Were being lied to. About masks, about the numbers, about the death rate, about the new cases. About everything.

    Meanwhile they’re destroying the whole world. Never in history have so many people’s livelihoods been shut down by governments over a ‘pandemic’

    Massive amounts of money have been pulled out if thin air and been given to the mega corporations while main street dies a slow death.

    Prices are going up on everything. How long before savings run out? how long before unemployment runs out? How long before pensions get robbed? How long before mom and pop restaurants go under from being closed or open at half capacity? How many smaller music venues will be out of business with no acts? How long before your favorite local music store is out of business?

    This is nothing more than a slow burn hostile takeover using the covid as a distraction and excuse.

    Time to wake up and quit defending the criminals that are engineering this all.

    They’re ALL lying to you, and have been from the beginning.

    I’m done. Got nothing more to say except don’t fall into their fear based trap of exaggeration and outright lies.

    Peace out!
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    I'm wearing a mask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manslick View Post
    I'm wearing a mask.
    We all are maaaan...
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    Im wearing a mask cloth and low quality paper disposable at times when Im in public.

    The point is they do reduce some percentage as in general, and is why they have always been around and used.
    Masks are not something new. The data has already been in abundance for decades. The technology between cheap and high end is improving.

    Do MASKS prevent the spreading of germs 100% = they help 10%, 30%...YES. If both partys wear them double-%.
    This isnt really questioned is it? I mean we could go caveman-dumbass and cough on each other without any thought at all (I had a boss who didnt cover his mouth or anything...would just stand and cough on people or food...unbelievable idiot)

    Im kind of Pro-Choice, if you want to wear them wear them....if you dont care, dont believe in it, then dont. Everyone can isolate from JoePublic if they want. I was at LOWES, maybe 5% were wearing masks. Its then my choice if I want to go to LOWES or order online.
    At work it is "mandatory masks" but we have them around anyway and deal with toxics and biology germs all the time so sterilizing and masks is common.

    Wuhan lab was messing with bats and rats and germs and it spread and the filth of the poor wet markets and in general filthy 3rd world living , add in some Global travelling airports around the world and there we go.....
    The scary part is was it intentional or not.? I mean is this a Mission Impossible situation where Tom Cruise has to save the world again, or is it some Human Research accident where a Bat germ got on the human while they were catching diseased bats for the lab?
    The Patient 0 article I read stated the latter, and the Lab person in Wuhan got on a train to go home, spreading it, etc..etc..

    HG Wells books take on a new interest.
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