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Thread: My Corona

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    Quote Originally Posted by miroslav View Post
    Over the years...most threads at HR (and other web forums) never lead to anything...just a lot of banter....but then, that IS what forums are meant for, and not a place to come to global conclusions...explain that to your wife.
    It's something to do...back in the day, women would stop at the fence line while hanging clothes to dry, and they would chat and gossip....while the men went to the pub to raise a few points and talk about stuff.

    So from her Clinical Psychologist perspective...what does she think we should be doing in the thread that would be more productive...that would actually help the virus situation?
    I'm also curious...does she believe we should be hunkered down with this hide-in-place mentality until the government tells us it's OK to come out...or does she lean more toward a relaxed approach...which are the two main topics in this thread...?

    My answer: I think lots of threads here come to conclusions and help lots of people get to concrete answers. But I love the long conversations about this and that too.

    Her answers: She has no idea what a conversation / thread would look like that would solve any of the questions and issues raised. That's over her pay grade. She gets that this is an over the fence conversation between friends.

    She thinks that there's going to be a point in time.......based on economic circumstance and the progress of the virus.......where getting back to normal is absolutely critical and there should be no objections by anyone when that time comes. She warns that people will fight that when there's no longer a need. She doesn't think the time is now. She does think there's a lot of un-needed hand wringing over the virus......and the worries about the economy are also over hyped by people that hate to be controlled in any way. By that she means that those with the LOUDEST cries over the shutdown mandate are likely more about being controlled than about actual $$$. When people bring up the big brother thing........that's what she's pointing out. She thinks that BOTH sides have legit worries and fears that shouldn't be dismissed or demeaned by anyone. That said.........she doesn't want to be a part of our group conversation. Ouch....can't blame her for that.
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    Yeah, you can find conclusions and helpful info in many threads...but my point was that often the debates and discussion continue on...which is a normal thing on forums. I always hate when some people say, "OK, can we please stop talking about this"...or when threads are closed just because they've gone on a long time, even though there may not be any real arguing, just endless debate. It's a forum...that's what it's talk about stuff.

    I think your wife has some good views, and I agree...a lot of people will fight getting back to normal out of future can already see it on a variety of social sites by the comments some people are making about what we need to do in the future.

    AFA the Big Brother thing...while we are not currently in that situation...don't kid yourself that the existence of fear and panic by a majority of the population is not an open door for Big Brother to come in. If the majority of people were to decide post-virus that they wanted to feel "safe" and at any cost, and they had the numbers to vote into place whatever legislation was proposed to achieve that...well, that worry about being controlled would become a reality for those who didn't want to give up everything to feel safe.

    Up in Canada, Trudeau was just recently saying that he wanted to have access to all cell phone activity..."to help fight the virus"...???
    People were like...WTF?'s that a legitimate action. Now I don't think he will get it...but just making the point that Big Brother mentality is not far away.

    I like to consider that huge number of life risks we already live with every day, and many have been around for ages, and the best we can do is pay insurance against them, but many risks we can't control. As one example, just look at how many deaths/accidents are caused by drunk drivers. You would think if people focused as hard on those numbers, that we would be in another prohibition era...but no, people simply accept that risk...they think it will not be them that some drunk driver ever hits and kills.
    It's something about the virus...the fact that it's small, unseen, has its own process that we can't control...etc....and that seems to freak people out more than any drunk driver will...but when you consider that in a given year, we have well over 10,000 deaths from drunk drivers....year after's a serious number, but we are OK with that.
    That's just one example of the risk involved with living.

    I use the ride a motorcycle back in the day, and I use to be a hardcore skier. I read somewhere that people who those things, and stuff like skydiving, etc...have some "death wish" mentality...because the risk is a lot higher than other activities, but we still do those things because they make living worthwhile.
    You see some of those SciFi movies that depict a very sheltred/controlled society in the future....and in all of them, the plot ends up with some people rebelling against that, so I think it's human nature not to be controlled...but then...we have history (and current reality in some places) that tells us entire populations have accepted being controlled with some sort of collective mindset, and it's never been good. It can happen, all to easily.

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