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Thread: Do any of you guys name your studios?

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    My studio was an offshoot of my live sound company. I had been doing late night club work. A friend asked if I could take over at a coffeehouse because he was offered some long term theatrical work. Next thing I knew I was working with a bunch of folk show promoters. A couple of them started open mic venues. The studio was already in the plans but the extra money I made recording the open mic acts helped. I became known as the folk guy so it seemed a good time to change the name of the sound company. Folkcafe Productions was born. Its been idle since I gave up live sound but I'm trying to get the studio operational again for personal use.


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    Now that EMI studios is officially called Abbey Road studios {prior to the release of the Beatle album, it wasn't called Abbey Road} I'm thinking of taking the EMI name. It will appropriately stand for "every mistake imaginable " !

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