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Thread: DAW Users With ADD

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
    Im a bit mad at myself...had a 6 pack of Italian Hot Sausages go to waste because I got ADD and spaced them...before getting to the BBQ. arrggg!

    Making some good progress in the HR room though, dynamics are great for window ac and fan noise. Cheap Boom stand springs were horrific but some foam and electrical tape, muted..... for now I have a Budget version of the Shure SM7b + SM81..($700)..vocal, acoustic setup with a MXL BCD1 + ShurePG81...($150)
    Bass is always the most fun these days, DI, sounds smooth and chilled...watched Warren Huarts Step 1 Mixing, which is a lot like Geoff Emericks….MONO man!
    start with it all centered.....if it can sound decent in Mono, it will probably really sound good in stereo. noise... SM7b for a re-buy? hmm re-test comparison?
    LDC require hot,fans off..sweating while playing....but even then the LDC condensor picks up doors around the house slamming. wtf?

    25yrs in this house, should have been paid off by 2010 but the D caused a re-fi.... its in need of some first world upgrading, all this house remodeling crap makes a
    $700 SM7b & SM81 seem cheap. ...maybe the new floor can wait? lol
    I record in my basement. There is a refrigerator down there. It’s pretty quiet, and when the compressor is on you have to strain to hear it. Put a condenser mic and some headphones into the equation and it’s like you’re in a jet engine test tunnel.

    Tough decisions... quiet recordings or cold beer.

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    Dynamic mics and beer!

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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