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Thread: 13 years ago I joined a praise band

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    13 years ago I joined a praise band

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    I am not locked down to a certain religion. I believe we are all clueless to how this all came to be but I have come to believe there is something "spiritual" ( for lack of the right word or understanding) going on here that is beyond our teeny minds pay grade to comprehend or know. All I know is I used to take my Mom to Church on Sundays cause I promised my pops I'd take care of her when he passed and came to believe those Sunday mornings were part of the deal.. Grateful I got the chance to spend that time with her.

    I digress one point in time we attended this church that had an amazing praise band....somehow and that is hard to know how or why, I was invited to join.. I am a hack musician, don't read music and all these players were the real deal..but I was asked and gave it a try....just laying a blanket of organ or strings in the background when needed...

    It lasted for about 3 years...early on I would record our practices ( @ 2 hours each week) because unlike all the other musicians who could site read I had to record it and take it home , practice and be ready 4 days later to play it live at church.

    The woman who was the leader has an angelic voice that I always loved...

    I was going through some music files and stumbled upon one of these practice recordings...I'm attaching one that is pretty cool just recorded on a little sony recorder sitting on my keyboard... Pretty cool band really got my ear tuned up for doing covers which I had never really done up to that time...

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    There are some darn fine musicians in some of those praise bands. We had a girl at church who taught both piano and Suzuki violin. What a fine touch she had. It was worth going just to listen to her playing that grand piano.

    Alas, she's no long there and the new person, while good, just doesn't sound as sweet.

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    Very nice, TAE!

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