So, I proposed an idea in an email to my favorite radio station. It was about asking them if they were interested in taking an online stream for their radio station so that people over the world and anywhere (For I'd be moving to college) would enjoy their classic rock and hilarious morning show. I also told them, like their rival, 101.1, was online and they should jump on the bandwagon again.
Well, I'm only as powerful as words I can make, so I wanted to know if any of you had some resources I could use or links or something. I've done my own snooping and it looks like a few of the places are $100 a month for unlimited streams anywhere.
Just trying to get their listeners active, but not many around here I am able to contact about it. The radio station told me that would be a great idea, and that they would be looking for such a service. So I bet if I push them a bit it can't hurt them... lol.