I am in a melodic heavy rock band called Serotone from just outside Glasgow and my band are looking to create a tour to pormote our new album which will be ready around mid April. We are looking to play at gigs with local known bands around various cities around the UK. Anywhere from London up to Aberdeen. Not sure exactly how many dates we would want yet, but a good amount so we can get exposure around a large part of the UK.

Are there any bands that would like to play with us in their local area at a well known venue? below is a taster of some of our older stuff. Our newer stuff is well better, but this is a rough idea of what we are like as a band.


If anyone wants to play a gig in their local area at a well known venue, then send us a private message and maybe give us contact details of venue(s) and i will get back to you asap.
Graeme n Serotone.