I thought you all might be interested in this new free service for gig
promotion. (sorry for the bumf if your not)


You've probably guessed from the name what's so unique about this site.
Bands upload a sample of music which goes with every gig listing. So
punters know exactly 'what's on' and can find the live music they'll love!!!

As a registered band you can..
➔ Add your gigs,
➔ Upload your track,
➔ Download ready made flyers,
➔ Effectively and easily promote out of town gigs
➔ Find your perfect audience,
➔ Promote your gigs with what really matters,
➔ And never have to pigeon-hole your band again by listing what genre you are!!!

Coming soon to L2L.... Sell tickets to your events online and get 100% of
the ticket price NO FEES NO COSTS.

Check it out at