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Thread: JetSpeed Records Artist and Label ROCKS MAJOR VEGAS EVENT!

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    JetSpeed Records Artist and Label ROCKS MAJOR VEGAS EVENT!

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    JetSpeed Records and Level 27 clothing are at it again, alongside JetSpeed artist and Level 27 sponsored heavy metal phenomena DEAD ELEMENT at the Clubbers Ball Expo at the Mandalay Bay Casino this Memorial Day weekend.

    Make sure to stop by the JetSpeed Records/Level 27 Clothing booth at the show. Sign the mailing list and get free stuff! Meet the staff, check out other artists at the listening station, and pick-up a copy of your favorite artist on JetSpeed Records. Find out everything you can and check out JetSpeed Records awesome artists at or check out the MySpace at

    Level 27 Clothing proudly sponsors Dead Element. Level 27 will provide the best in counter culture style shirts, hats, hoodies and beanies. The best clothes for sale, ready to make you look like a punk-rock star! The clothing line is out of Hollywood, CA and features original spooky cartoony artwork by Billy Martin of Good Charlotte. You can check out Level 27’s website at

    JetSpeed Records artist Dead Element will also smash up the stage at this once in a lifetime gig at the Clubbers Ball Expo at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Vegas.

    This 5 piece band creates a growl that soars to the stratosphere of the sonic soul. Influenced by monsters of rock SLAYER, FEAR FACTORY, STATIC-X, and even the obscure RAMMSTEIN, DEAD ELEMENT delivers the punch you so much want to feel from music. Led by singer Steve Thiriot, former vocalist for the legendary cult heroes BETTER OFF DEAD, D.E. will knock your socks off and make your toes curl like the last time you had sex with a stripper.... i.e. DEAD ELEMENT is very heavy.

    They just re-vamped their line-up replacing their drummer and adding a woman to do back-up vocals. This chick is bad ass, and brings a feminine touch to a heavy sound and style. It is the perfect thing to spice up Dead Element and the metal world… a sexy addition!

    DEAD ELEMENT is currently in the studio recording their album "Necrology". This CD puts the band out there to test their limits and reach new heights in metal minutia.

    They put on an outrageous live performance, just perfect for the first weekend of summer. It’s jam-packed with the traditional wicked drums known to metal and head banging guitar riffs you can take your jacket off and mosh to. Break a sweat and get involved with natives of the Vegas music metal pit.

    Check out more artists and find out all you can about Dead Element at or Try to hear all the jams from their previous EP before the show!

    That’s not all!

    The power-house metal style of Dead Element will be preceded by Rob Zombie on Friday May 26 and Bad Religion on Saturday May 27. Not to mention, there will be more than 45 other acts and 25 DJ’s from all musical genres. From hip-hop to alternative, metal to pop, reggae to house music, it will all be at this 3-day expo. Plus, tattoo artists, extreme sports, pin-up models and custom bikes and cars.

    Make sure in all the mayhem, to check out JetSpeed Records artist Dead Element performing on May 26-27.

    Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the gate each day OR $60 for an advance 3-day pass and $90 for a 3-day pass at the gate.

    For more information about the expo visit the Web site at

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    Spammmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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