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Thread: Jamfest Gear Thread.....

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    Jamfest Gear Thread.....

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    OK folks it's time to start putting down a list of what we will have to work with at this years fest....

    My contribution will be,.....

    Everything I own in the way of gear, and then some.......

    My Martin 12 string
    my Regal resonator
    my Trace Elliot twin amp
    my Univox 'fake super beatle' amp
    several smaller amps, some of which are from our newly formed amp manufacturing program....
    lots of cables for hooking almost anything to anything.....
    mics to include several shure varieties, a model 55 'Elvis' mic among those....
    and a model 520 'Bullet' as well
    a bunch of 'other' speaker cabs, just so we won't run out.......
    Tarps to cover the eating/cooking area, and the 'Stage' area,
    at least two tents, (never set them up, so don't know if they are all there)
    at least three sleeping bags, and two air matts, ( these extra things beyond what I need are open for anyone who needs them to claim for the three day event)
    I'm sure there is more, I am just forgetting it all for the moment....


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    I'm still in for the bulk of the PA, plus camping gear, guitars, and a couple of amps.

    24 channels/4 monitor mixes. FOH tent, splitter snake for mons/recording.

    I suppose someone should tell me how much to bring, it didn't look too intense from last year's pics, like a couple Eons on sticks.

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    What I'll have:

    Mackie 808S powered mixer
    QSC mx1500a stereo power head
    JBL/URIE ES600 stereo power head
    JBL G734's They have a few years on 'em, but they're work horses's
    MusicMan 212-HD 130...sneakily designed by Leo himself
    Silvertone 1484 Twin 12
    Ensoniq EPS and a Korg NS5R for keys if needed
    Peavey KB60 Keyboard / bass amp
    A couple of stage mics (SM58, EV something, AT4050, etc...)
    Roland SP-6,
    I have a few things stuck in racks here too
    1 Pair of JBL Control 1 near field monitors
    A bunch of effects stomp boxes and assorted other not so used (early-mid 70's Big Muff pi)
    A few guitars to bang around

    Then there's a bunch of stuff here that has been left or donated because whoever had it couldn't deal on Sunday, like small dome tents, I think there are two hanging around. I always have two sleeping bags and two air mattresses
    Can't forget the new grill
    I've also cleared more area out in the back 40 as well as the area between the gazeebo and the stone wall that runs along the dead end road. Yeee-HAAAAA

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    Mackie Onyx 1642 mixer w/firewire card (sweet preamps...)
    Backup Mackie CFX12 mixer; OK onboard effects (we used it last year for the live delay)
    Pair Mackie SRM450 powered cabs w/stands
    Pair of wedge monitors - powered Peavey and satellite Steelsound
    Legion Sound (Steelsound) 18' subwoofer w/ Soundcraftsmen boat anchor amp
    extra 85 watt PA / monitor amp
    pair Bose 101 speakers; OK for personal monitors
    Rack w/ 31 band 2 ch EQ
    BBE Maxcom unit (optical compressor with enhancer circuit; I run the EQ as a side chain and it kicks in only when the Maxcom senses feedback).
    Alesis reverb unit
    Digitech RP200A pedal (we could use it to hold down a stack of napkins on the picnic table) and various other pedals
    A dozen mic booms
    A banker's box full of mics, including an AKG drumkit set
    A pair of boundary mics (set one inside the kickdrum on a pillow and it rocks)
    A Sennheiser wireless UHF lavalier mic set
    A large hand truck
    A (now fully functional) best Power / Ferrups UPS / line conditioner (requires hand truck)
    A Fender Acoustasonic Jr amp
    A Gibbs custom built hand wired military tube amp (I'm drooling again)
    A Taylor 815C acoustic guitar
    A Cort 335 knock off electric guitar with one knob that goes to "11"- humble but fun
    A Cort D-size resonator guitar - also humble and also fun
    A frightening number of cables, most of which are just humble
    Maybe the Gibson LG2 will be finished by then - fixing a nasty Gibson crack...

    I'm not bringing the gas grill - I think it is about to fall over all by itself.
    Betty Rumble's cheese grater
    Fall seven times; stand up eight
    Music at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treeline
    I'm not bringing the gas grill - I think it is about to fall over all by itself.
    Betty Rumble's cheese grater
    I want to go so bad....
    Instead of a Do Not Disturb Sign, I need one that says "Already Disturbed. Proceed With Caution".

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