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Thread: Jamfest 7 financing. (When QQ calls)

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    Jamfest 7 financing. (When QQ calls)

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    Mr. Jamfest himself, QQ, called me last week to ask, err, rather inform me that he took it upon himself to name me as the collector and guardian of donations toward Jamfest 7.

    As many of you know, dtb (Dan Thompson), has handled the task in the past, but Dan is still on the road to recovery after the stroke he experienced shortly after Jamfest 6.

    When QQ asks, you donít refuse!

    It is my honor to temporarily fill Danís shoes for Jamfest 7 as the collector of donations.

    It also makes sense, considering that I reside a mere few minutes ride to the home of the Jamfest host and hostess.

    I encourage all to PM me for a mailing address to receive your donation at your earliest convenience.

    There are many unseen expenses associated with Jamfest, and I do encourage everyone to contribute as much as possible to make Jamfest 7 a huge success!

    Thanks in advance,


    p.s. Attendance is mandatory!

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    correct me if'in i'm wrong....but I believe jamfest6 was the first where the big three got reinbursted totally. that is just super. letr's do it again. lotsa thanks go out to rveverone who donated, attending or not. and let's not forget the give-a-way stuff again which was a huge part of the expense recovery. thanks QQ and Randy for taking the reins here. 2007 will be great . and if'in all goes well, Ill see ya'll there.

    stroke survivor

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