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Thread: Hope you can help if you combine cool edit with live performance

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    Hope you can help if you combine cool edit with live performance

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    hello all
    I have a recording of a live show involving live music and vocals. The whole sound (and sometimed the vocals on thier own) peak badly at various points. I have little knowledge of Cool Edit and after hours of fiddling am turning to you guys with the knowledge for help. Other than inventing a time machine to go back and re-record is there anything I can try?
    Any help appreciatied

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    Try not to double post as folks get ornery over it. Chris Harris has some good suggestions in the other thread. I've had problems sometimes if the live preamps are too hot and the clipping occurs prior to the recording; not much you can do there. I learned the hard way to be gentle with mic gain. Otherwise, I use volume envelopes first because I can be precise - nail that single hot tom hit and so forth.
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