I love it when you do a walk in live mix to find yet another brand of digital console that you have to get your head around. One advantage of an in house analog console with some analog out board is that it's easy to figure out. Digital consoles have screens, menus, function buttons, etc etc. All that have been set up or messed up by previous users. This is not to say that if you own a digital console of your own it's a bad thing, its great if you can tailor your own console with all your own saved settings for doing a show. But when you turn up blind and have to start from scratch I find digital consoles take a lot longer to knock into something I like using.

What happened this week is that the main room of the venue I do in house at, noting that I usually do the small room but this night had the main room, had the old analog console break down. So in went an Allen & Heath QU32, a mighty fine console and I had previously dabbled on a QU16 at a multi band outdoor show. But there is a learning curve with digital consoles and it took me the best part of an hour, before any of the bands turned up, just to get used to it. Lucky I had read the manual on line during the afternoon LOL. The show went fine and all the way through it I found more and more things that the console could do, mind you I was a bit worried that a touch of a wrong button could have been disaster at any moment.

What do you guys prefer with a walk in gig, analog or digital?