Welcome to the world of UAD. The best plugs on the planet.

I want to downsize a little. Get a smaller UAD Apollo Twin and I'll be listing my current Apollo Duo Firewire on eBay soon. But first, I thought I would give anyone here the opportunity to buy it at a cheaper price.

Here is the UAD page
Apollo Firewire | Audio Interface | Universal Audio

Mine is the Duo processor, not the Quad.

This is not my listing, but it is the same model.
Universal Audio Apollo 8 DUO Firewire Audio Interface w/Firewire cable | eBay

I'll include my firewire card that is vetted to work with Windows... which is a big deal.

The function I love most about the UAD Apollo is the Unison feature. It can run a plug in realtime and actually control the gain and impedance on the mic preamp. That is so cool. UAD offers many Unison plugs to emulate different consoles and mic pre's, even guitar and bass amps.

I'm not including my plugs, but you get the Analog Classic bundle when you register your Apollo with UAD.

Asking $1100 + shipping. US only. My starting price on eBay will be $1200.