I bought a Tascam DP-02 about 3 years ago. It barely got any use save for a few demos when in between computer systems. It's fully functional. Thr jog wheel occasionally pops out but it pops back in easily. I'm including an 8 gigabyte flash card.

Tascam DP-02CF Digital multitrack 8 track - eBay (item 320653020555 end time Feb-12-11 07:08:58 PST)

I attempted to sell this at my local guitar center for a quick buck being as it has been collecting dust for a year. Unfortunately they have a policy against removable media multi-tracks and so I am offering it for only 140 plus shipping. This is much lower than it's worth, they usually go for around the 200 range. I am more or less trying to get rid of this thing at this point because I have no room or use for it at the moment.