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Thread: Steinberg Cubase Pro 10 RETAIL with Dongle

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    Steinberg Cubase Pro 10 RETAIL with Dongle

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    FULL RETAIL Cubase 10 PRO version

    FIXED price: 425 euro!
    FULL RETAIL Cubase 10 PRO version, official version, all legal thus not pre-owned.

    BUYERS FROM WITHIN THE EU are EXCLUDED, unless willing to pay 21% extra for VAT, TVA, Sales tax or MWST etc.

    !!! ==> The package has been advertised elsewhere too; if sold already before i got a chance to remove it from eBay i will IMMEDIATELY refund <== !!!

    MAC or Windows (64bit only). NO BOX, choose for sent USB stick or download all yourself.
    Please Note: THIS IS NOT the cheaper Educational or Academic version, but the full RETAiL.
    Cubase 9.5 and 10 only runs on a 64bit Windows or MAC, thus NOT on a 32bit system.

    How to get this working: Buy the tested elicenser from me, and then i will set the license free for a new owner so that you can register it via your personal 'My Steinberg account. (activation has been done to test the eLicensers validity, see picture)

    All software is downloadable from the Steinberg website using their Download Manager, as such after registration with a 'My Steinberg' account.
    Cubase 9.5 Pro or Pro 10 TRIAL version already up and running, as Steinberg offers a 30day test period with a soft elicenser scheme.

    GENERAL TIP: Cubase 10 is still full of bugs, and Cubase 9.5.41 quite stable. Start with Cubase 9.5, and change to 10 after one or two updates are available.

    I can include an extra 32GB USB stick containing all installers already downloaded, when needed as with a slow internet connection. 15 Euro extra.

    As mentioned: you can start already using the downloaded '30 days trial' version of Cubase 9.5 as version 10 is not available as trial yet.

    see: 404 | Steinberg,

    A new eLicenser dongle is normally 22 Euro extra.

    Further links for Steinberg:
    elicenser | Steinberg
    Software/license activation (how to use activation codes) Steinberg Support
    Software/license activation & reactivation Steinberg Support
    Transferring licenses from Soft-eLicenser to USB-eLicenser Steinberg Support

    Any further questions or problems: mail or call me when needed.
    Also later if you have some installation problem, i am a very experienced Windows & Cubase user.

    A PS i have ONE Halion version 5 full version boxed available, 150 Euro extra for a Cubase 9.5 Pro buyer. This software is with box eventually; box shipping insured costs come extra at 25 Euro.Attachment 103603
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