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Thread: Regular John Recording monitor switcher and junction box

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    Regular John Recording monitor switcher and junction box

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    This is SOLD

    Regular John Recording monitor switcher and junction box. Dustin designed these two pieces as a custom project for me some time ago. They are completely passive and feature an absolutely pristine signal path. As he does, only the best components have been used, and the setup just works, flawlessly, without any muss or fuss.

    Again, this is a completely passive setup. The switching box allows for two source inputs, one on an XLR pair, and the other on a TRS jack. These signals can be sent to two sets of monitors, selectable with daka ware knobs on the front panel. A switch is provided for balanced or unbalanced input source topologies, and phase switch is available for each channel. In addition, a toggle switch allows for putting both sets of monitors in the path for any audio source selected. The daka ware knobs allow for instant "de"selection of any source as well - in the sense of removing the monitor inputs from the source(s). Very simple and utilitarian - it has been a cornerstone of the studio for some time.

    The junction box (as can be seen in the pictures) allows for taking a mix signal from outboard (tape machine, console/desk, discrete outboard gear, hybrid setup) and bringing it back into the box or directly patched to the monitor switcher itself. In my case, I have used it two ways - either to patch the outboard signal directly into the DAW or to split that signal into 1) a monitor feed, 2) DAW feed.

    The two boxes were designed as a system, so I'll not be splitting them up. They were designed as two units to allow either vertical or horizontal stacking dependent on the studio's rack/desk design. They were intentionally produced as simple stainless enclosures with hand-written labeling (see pics). The idea was to allow for an absolutely no-compromises pristine passive signal routing system while keeping it as workman-like and practical (i.e. no superfluous expense involved) as possible.

    To sum up, this is an extremely versatile and easy to use solution for a multiple monitor setup. It will absolutely not mess with your audio in any way, and there's really very little that could "go wrong" with it. Dustin designs and builds exceptional hardware, and this little system is no exception.

    $175 shipped and PayPal'd. I am willing to send this overseas, but shipping will need to be added (actual amount, no more).

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    This is sold...

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