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Thread: Looking for someone in the San Antonio Texas area

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    Looking for someone in the San Antonio Texas area

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    Hi Y'all,

    I just moved to San Antonio and frankly don't know anyone yet that has an interest in music/recording. I brought with me an IT cabinet that I use for all my rack mount equipment (effects,amps,......etc..) I will tried to insert a picture but don't know if it will work??? If the picture doesn't come through I will try and describe it the best I can. First it is all metal (except for a plastic trim), on wheels and is about 5'7" tall, 22.5" wide and 33" deep, yes it's huge! There is an access door in the back, two shelves (three if you count the permanently fixed one on the bottom and a cooling fan on top. It is heavy so to wheel it around to gigs would be work unless you have a roadie the size of Hulk Hogan......make that three roadies. I would like to get 100.00 for it (I paid a lot more but that was 15 years ago) and I would like to find someone in the SA area to pick it up cause shipping would cost mega $$$$$. I am downsizing as my studio has gone from a 20x20 to a 12x10 area. This is a great cabinet for a studio and all the rack equipment fit perfect. If you can see the picture you will see I was even able to fit a large Tascam mixing board in of course I am only selling the cabinet not the electronics. If you know someone or can just get the word out let me know. Thank you

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