Hi there, i know im new, but you can check my feedback on talkbass.com, HC forums, and ebay under the same user name, i have been building my studio for some time and i am already out of money so here it goes

please check the list of things i have for trade, some are feelers but for the right deal i would let them go.

Fernandes Custom Shop bass (first proto made for Rex Brown)

Fernandes Vertigo with sustainer (nice mods, SD pup)

Fender Squier Jazz Deluxe V (mint with case, 5 strings, white)

Guyatone VXT TUBE Tremolo (Real Tube Tremolo)

Korg DTR 2000 rack tuner

"74 DeArmond Phaser (Looks like a Wah, two switches, control speed or depth with the pedal, just like the "chopper" pedal

Fender "rumble 25" Practice bass Amplifier

I am mainly looking for a pair of overheads Mics, ribbon mics, tube mics, all kinds of preamps, channel strip...etc

(Oktava mk 012, Rode NT5, DMP3, gt "the brick", avalon u5.....)

Let me know if interested in something and what you have, i can also add some cash to any deal