Hi HR, selling my tape machine and mixer in Los Angeles. The Fostex sometimes won't play. I either stop using it for a couple of hours then it works again or I have to wait till the next day. I spoke to Adrian and he said it's either a loose belt or sticky tape, either way it's frustrating and i'd rather cut my loss. The Tascam M-30 mixer works perfectly fine and sounds amazing. 8 channel mixer with fantastic pre-amps currently hooked up to my tape machine. If you're reading this ad, you probably know what they are. 500 for both with 2 Hosa rca snakes to hook them up, take-up reel & 3 tapes. I'd be happy driving out to you if you can't find any means of transportation, also it'd be awkward if you tested them at my place cause i'm 18 and live with my mom. Happy Shopping HR