For pics, see the craigslist post here: Catalinbread Formula 5 TC Corona Chorus DIY stuff etc. I'll try to keep it updated. Add appropriate shipping.

Catalinbread Formula No 5 pedal. Great shape. $100

TC Electronics Corona Chorus $80 Virtually new. I used it maybe 3 times.

GFS (guitar fetish) Mean 90 (P90 style in a humbucker housing) $30
GFS Surf 90 Gretsch style pickup $25

70's? Japanese Les Paul body. Not solid wood. I do have the original pickups and hardware which will be included (just not in the picture) Very nice tobacco sunburst. Just needs a neck. $150

Avenson small DI's (little JFET DI's. Very clean) $60 each or $110 for both.

Peavey Nasheville 400 amp. This amp was working fine until the speaker was torn for some reason. It is a black widow. I'll include it as well. This is an as is thing. It's been a long time since it been powered up. I imagine it works fine, but I pilfered the cab for something else after the speaker was torn. It has the reverb too, not pictured. $125

misc. DIY parts etc:

count of 48 LME49710NA opamp chips. Digikey has these at $76 for 50 chips. So, how about $35 for 48. They're brand new, unused.

give or take 60 TLO71 opamp chips. These were pulled from a working mixing console. Almost all of them most certainly still work. Might be a couple bent legs. How about $30 for the lot.

Orbit Echoplex aluminum tape cartridge. The tape is shot in this one. Fill it up with your own lubricated back tape (it's a lot easier to disassemble than the original plastic echoplex ones) and start the space jams. These are $65 new with ATR tape (which isn't lubricated tape. ???? This is a point of contention it seems) so if you're worried about your plex using the heavy non lubricated tape, buy this one for $20 and fill it up with some blank 8 track tape.

2X Keen Ocean Torroidal transformers. Model number TTO 18427-00. I can't remember why I bought these. I THINK they have useful secondaries for +/- 15V to 18V. Something like that. They're huge. How about $5 each.

Altec power transformer for model 1674c mixer/mic preamp. mmmmm. $10?

Yamaha PM1000 pcb's (1 master out and 1 aux send card) This mixer used the same circuit over and over for almost everything. I think you could make a couple cool sounding preamps from these (no eq like the input strips though, but the eq kind of blows anyway) How about $15 each. I'll throw in a couple input transformers for $20 each as well if desired.

DIY Neumann U87 circuit boards $10 each set. Read about it here: D-U87 Vintage Microphone PCB Set - DIYRE Wiki

email : jonw 541 at yahoo dot com

Also, (if in Portland)I'm open to trades for tech work. That is, tape machine help. I have a Tascam 58 8 track for which I need some help setting up the transport for ATR tape. There's one aspect of it I can't figure out. Also, an Otari MX5050 bII two track that I'd like to sort out an issue on. And finally, an Ampex 440B that needs some work done. Let me know . . . .