Hey everyone,

I have a number of sets of D'Addario EXP strings that I don't need at the moment (I've bought too many guitars and a few pieces of gear recently and I could use the cash). These are the phosphor bronze type - I have both EXP16 (.12-.53 lights), and EXP17 (.13-.56 mediums). I bought them a couple of months ago from Musician's Friend for $11.99 per set, but I'd be willing to sell them for $11 per set, and I will pay postage to the lower 48. If you use these strings, you know how great they are...they combine the longevity of Elixirs with the tone of the best traditional phosphor bronze strings.
I also have some sets of EJ16's that I won't be using as well. Anyway, just drop me an email at jmf49@cornell.edu if you'd like a set (or a few), and I will get back to you ASAP.



PS - I have a perfect buying and selling record on eBay, just in case you need some assurance of how quickly you'll get them!