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Thread: ARC2 Advanced Room Correction v.2 by IK Multimedia (Room Correction Plugin) $80.00

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    ARC2 Advanced Room Correction v.2 by IK Multimedia (Room Correction Plugin) $80.00

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    If you've added some acoustic treatment to your room but you're still confused about what you're hearing when mixing, this'll help.

    I had an awful studio space where I was living. Small room, low ceiling and a ker=A=zee flutter echo. I treated the walls, ceiling and corners with DIY Rockwool absorbers (seat-of-the-pants methods for sure) and it worked well for tracking, but didn't cut it for mixing.

    I researched ARC2 online and found some users who said it really helped, so I bit the bullet and bought it...and sure enough, it works. =]

    I moved recently. Now I'm in a place where there's NO studio opportunity. No chance for acoustical treatment and no way to mix through monitor speakers, so I'm forced to track and mix through headphones. 'Had to buy a much more expensive solution for headphone mixing, so to offset a portion of that cost I want to sell my ARC2 system.

    I used the plugin all the time, but only had to perform the set up (using the mic) four times: The initial setup and then three times when I changed some aspect of the recording/mixing environment and felt it necessary to re-calibrate ARC2. The kit has been stored in a cool, dry studio environment, wrapped in plastic with a desiccant pack inside the case. So it's like new.

    When you buy I'll provide my login credentials for the IK Multimedia site. You can go there and download the latest update (v2.5) if you care to. There are also five (I think) free IK MM plugins that you can download from that same account/user page. WooHoo =D

    Price is $80 DELIVERED within the continental US. The delivery will account for $10 to $15 of that, so you're not paying much for the software and the mic. There used to be lots of ARC2 information online, and probably still is. Read up and let me know if you want this.

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    There've been 250 views of this thread, and not a single comment. So allow me:

    There are links to "similar threads" (about ARC2) listed below this thread. In them you might read opinions by perfectionists and/or perceived Experts who are happy to tell you why ARC2 shouldn't work, but they're never willing to discuss why it does work. =]

    There are some amazing tools available to us now that don't cost much, save us lots of time and trouble, and in some cases help us avoid the need for very costly equipment, construction and/or expert consultation. Welcome to the 21st Century: Technology's been replacing expensive expertise for the past hundred years.

    Those who say they don't like "the way it sounds" - take their comments with a grain of salt. I have excellent hearing and enough experience to hear subtle tonal differences, and I say ARC2 will improve your mixes. You'll have to get used to hearing your room in a new/different mode: Play some commercial reference tracks through your monitors for an hour or two, then don't look back. If you listen to A/B comparisons later with ARC2 switched on and off, Off will sound muddy, muffled and bloated in the low end.

    To the few who say the sweet spot is so small they don't get to move around enough, I say, "How much moving do you need to do?" Are your tracks so hot that you just gotta get up an' dance? =] If you're working on some gigantic mixing desk/console that forces you to wheel your squeaky chair from one end to the other, your room is already treated acoustically and you don't need to think about ARC2.

    But if you're making music on a shoestring budget inside a DAW, and mixing in open-air, THIS IS THE BEST $80 YOU CAN SPEND. If you try to treat your space acoustically and you do it wrong, what have you got? Did you improve things? Maybe, but who knows. ARC2 is engineered to IMPROVE your mix experience WHATEVER your acoustical space happens to be.

    For instance: If your room is an untreated disaster, ARC2 will give you a better idea of what's happening when you mix. If you do some basic acoustical treatment (see below) and then add ARC2 to the improved room, you're moving solidly in The Right Direction.

    $80 is cheap for this. It cost me $300 and works as well today as it did when I bought it. =]


    1. Find a local insulation supplier (one that sells to contractors) or maybe HomeDepot stocks what you need...

    2. Buy two packet-wrapped bundles of 1-1/2" rockwool insulation batts/panels, 2x4' each.

    3. Go to your local fabric store and buy enough muslin fabric to wrap one or two of those batts. Muslin is an inexpensive cotton fabric.

    4. Experiment. Wrap a rockwool insulation batt in muslin. This makes it look decent and keeps loose fibers from separating from the batt.

    5. Use a spray adhesive to combine all the folded edges on the back of the panel. It's like unskilled people wrapping Christmas presents. There's always ONE UGLY SIDE. Hahaha. Make it the back of the panel.

    6. When you've decided on a good method of wrapping, do the same to the other panels in the bundle. You can also double the batt thickness (2 face-to-face) and wrap as a single unit to absorb lower frequencies. Also, the distance from the absorber to the wall behind it affects what frequencies are absorbed. Close to wall absorbs higher freqs. Away from wall absorbs lower freqs.

    7. You can stand absorbers against walls, hang them from the ceiling near walls, or hang from the wall itself. Position some so they span corners to help trap bass. And if you have any "soft stuff" that can fill in the corner area behind your rockwool batt, that'll help soak up bass frequencies. Old clothes, sleeping bags, whatever...

    If your room is relatively small and if you research online to know where to put your absorbers, just two bundles of rockwool will make a profound difference/improvement for you. Add ARC2 to the plan and you're on your way.

    P.S. The two bundles of rockwool will cost you more than the ARC2 at $80.
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    Well, 3,400+ views and no takers... Must be the price.


    That's ten dollars off.
    A 12.5% discount.





    Woo Hoo

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