Hi Everyone.

I am now offering tape transfers for the Akai MG1212, Akai MG1214 and the Akai MG14D.
They all use the same tape(1/2")

I have all three machines in great working order. You can post me your tape and I will convert into a 24bit WAV files.

First I demagnetize and clean all heads,rollers and guide pins for the best quality playback before loading your tape.

I check the various songs and adjust audio levels to suit. I do not add any equalization.

All 12 tracks are transferred simultaneously into wave files for any DAW to read.

The 12 tracks can then be loaded straight into Protools, Logic etc.

Email me for more information.


A flash-drive is supplied with your files and sent back to you with your tape/tapes.

akai-mg-1214-mg1212-tape-transfers-png akai-tape-transfers-digital-files-png