ADAT has 15 hours on the heads and is mint condition. I was on my way to making a nice little home studio for myself, however with the job market being what it is I need to sell what I have to make the house payment. So here it is:

15 hours
Mint condition
Racked in a non-smoking environment (i.e. my house)
Includes 4-meter Elco snake
Includes 3 45min tapes
Includes zero-hour calibration tape (tones and stuff, useful when you get thousands of hours and need to find out if noise is a cable or the heads)
Original packaging, manuals, etc

$550 + shipping to wherever you are

I can take payment through paypal (check only please, or add a bit to the cost to cover the fees they charge me for a credit card) or via certified funds.

Post here or email me at with questions.