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Thread: Where can I buy Broken Ribbon mics?

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    Where can I buy Broken Ribbon mics?

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    Strange question but I'd like to buy broken ribbon mics...where are they???

    I'm really struggling to find any alternative to ebay and nothing on ebay of the right sort at the time of posting this. maybe just need to wait...?

    Surely there must be tons of people with ribbon mics who can't be bothered to have them repaired after a drop or too high spl slackens the ribbon? Perhaps my assumption in wrong but since they are so easy to break I would have expected more damaged ones around that need repairs for sale

    I'd like to get hold of some old ones and try my hand at fixing them up so if anyone has a good idea about what I'm missing I would appreciate the insight!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've never thought of that? I suppose ebay for the valuable ones but cheaper ones probably get thrown away.

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    You can always keep an eye on I just did a search for non-functioning ribbon mics and found 3. But they're all going for delusional prices. Weird how some sellers assume that a broken ribbon mic from the 1930s/40s/50s is worth as much or more than it would be if it actually worked.

    But you can set up an alert based on your search criteria and budget and see if anything pops up over the course of months. That's pretty much the best way to find much of anything on eBay and Reverb for a good price.

    Good luck!

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    Shoot me a PM. I know someone with 5-6 MXL R40's in a drawer with their transformers removed. The motors, baskets, and body are great looking condition. Exchange emails , and he can put them on Reverb for sure.

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