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Thread: studio help!

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    studio help!

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    My brother is wanting to turn is little building(appr.10'x14') into a little studio.The thing I need to know is,do I need bass asorbers [I]and[I] diffusers or what?And does anyone have any ideas or plans using things that have been recycled(I seen one time about someone thinking about using bottles with insulation in it)?And lastly,materials I can get tio make these if not recycled can get from Lowes or Homedepot?thanks

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    Welcome to the board, I am sure you will get the info you need.

    Probably the best place to ask this question is the Studio Building and Display forum in the special forum section near the Classified ads.

    I have found that all rooms, particularly small rooms, need bass trapping.
    There are a LOT of half cocked misinformation out there that sounds plausible, but in fact are a waste of time.

    The most common, easy to build, most doable by klutzes like us is the broad band and Bass trap panels made from Mineral Wool or Compressed Fiberglass. Bales of "Home Depot" type home insulation can work in certain circumstances but do a search on Bass Panels or Bass absorbers, you will get good read.

    The room is too small to incorporate diffusers, so forget about that. Absorption is more your friend.

    There is a site dedicated to any and all things Home Studio building:

    It can be overwhelming at first, but it is a wealth of good info.
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    A little forethought will help determine what you will need. No two rooms are exactly the same, or used in exactly the same way so you have to vary the standard answers a little to make your room sound as good as possible. Try a few simple recordings with the room plain and see how it sounds, early reflections... midrange absorber panels, too boomy... bass traps, slapback echos... cieling treatment, get the idea? Solve issues as you discover them and do what it takes to eliminate them. It would help to know what type of music you are planning to record, and if you plan to record mostly DI or micing amps etc. There are lots of variables to consider, the more specific your questions, the better answers you will get.
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