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Thread: Single Sided G7 build

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    Single Sided G7 build

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    Single sided G7 build.Schematic found here: (xaudia blog)

    Mic started out as a MXL9000 which I got a sweet deal on. Didn't have the PSU, and I had to take the capsule out for a MXL 2001 "BigUgly" so repurposed for a G7. I accidentally damaged the transformer I had (a Bv8 from Dave Thomas) so I used a 3U Audio 6.5:1 transformer, 3U Audio Microphones,Condenser Microphones

    I also couldn't fit the 2u2 capacitors I have, so had to go with a 1uF Russian I had on hand. Soviet 6Ж32П Tube. Capsule is Chinese manufacture from WGT, edge terminated C12 clone from a group buy at GroupDIY. PSU is a MXL PS-T modified with zeners changed for 150VDC B+ and a 5 pin XLR.

    EDIT: The bottom resistor on the voltage divider is changed from 470k to 270k to get about 50v at the capsule. For some reason I couldn't find an axial 100uF/35 volt electrolytic for a decent price at Mouser, which is why that radial is shoehorned in there.

    Total cost of the build will be under ~US$250 give or take incl everything else like the case for the PSU, cable, sockets, etc. Mic body was only $20 though.

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