When I play out, I use a Radial BigShot to split my guitar signal between two amps. It works wonderfully to help our 3-piece sound a little bigger. What I am having to do right now is to tape my amp's distortion pedal switch to the BigShot. Then I hit my the distortion switch and the "both" button on the bigshot at the same time---that way when I am on clean it comes out of one amp, and when I want the crunch it will come out of both amps (the 2nd amp always has distortion on--it just is bypassed at times)

This works decently well, but I was thinking it would be awesome to be able to wire it so that when I hit the button on the Big Shot--it bypasses the 2nd amp and turns off my distortion at the same time. It makes sense in my head, but I am not sure if I can do it. There is actually a 1/4" tuner out slot that I will never use and my goal is to be able to send that to my amp as part of the footswitch.

Now I am wondering if this is even possible or not as audio will be running through the switch and that may mess everything up??

Another option is for me to just add another switch into the Bigshot so that they are easily hit at the same time---the main problem I am having right now is since my two pedals are taped together, the two switches are fairly far apart. I would rather not dril into the bigshot add another switch (plus there is some sort of transformer in the way)

that's all, if anyone has any ideas or know for sure that its not possible let me know!