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Thread: Pinout for MXL 9000 output transformer...

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    Talking Pinout for MXL 9000 output transformer...

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    I would absolutely love it if someone would give me a hand here with the MXL 9000 and its transformer.

    There was a user on here who upgraded it but I'm totally clueless as to what these wires mean or what their values are.

    If somebody knows that would be great!

    I'm going to be upgrading this sucker with a better 1000pf capacitor 630V maybe to quiet it up and prevent any dead mic issues. I'm putting an Oktava MK319 capsule in there and I want to put a Cinemag 2480 or other pin compatible transformer to get rid of the cheapo Chinese one that's in there.

    Again if somebody could show me that would be awesome. Perhaps even done by wire color or if you could point out to me what to use to find out the pinout that might even be better.


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    The pinout really isn't that big a deal. What matters is that you know which side is the high impedance side (tube side) and the low impedance side (audio output). So long as you know those and have another mic handy you can check to see whether they are in phase with each other, assuming that your comparison mic is not altered. Simply hold them together with the diaphragms on the same plain and you will have a nice full sound. If they are out of phase it will sound like an old telephone. If that's the case, simply reverse the wires on the input side of the transformer and viola! Back in phase!

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