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Thread: Need Delta 200 schematics

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    Need Delta 200 schematics

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    I have a Soundcraft Delta 200 24. The power supply fried and took some other stuff with it. I repaired as much as I can without schematics but it still has problems. Does anyone out there have a schematic I can have or buy or know where I can get one? I'm not getting much response from Soundcraft.


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    i used to have a delta and the are real easy to work on as i remember it... all op-amp based channels... the likely hood that the power supply took the channels is relatively low... more likely the channels shorted and took the supply... anyhow... first take alook at the channels... right where the power connector is... there should be small value resistors or fusable liknks... any of them burned??? that's your culprit... meter from grnd to the supply pins on an op-amp... the one with the lowest resistence is likely the one... if ya have questions PM me...
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