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Thread: DIY Audio Amp

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    DIY Audio Amp

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    Working my way through my morning's news feeds brought me to this pretty cool project :

    Build Your Own Professional-Grade Audio Amp on the Sort of Cheap - IEEE Spectrum
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    I no longer have my IEEE membership or I'd be tempted. Might have a friend that does, though then I'd have to think about getting some good stereo speakers (the JBLs went to the daughter a few years back).

    Anyway, I only know one friend that still has a working "component stereo" setup. If I'm honest with myself, I'm not going back that way. And the money I'd spend on a nice amp and speakers, well, I could put that toward a new Mac Mini, which I'd use about every day...

    I did build my first real stereo using kits - a Dynaco preamp (PAT4?) and 120W stereo amp. A pair of AR5s and requisite AR turntable was quite a setup back then.
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    I used to have time to build stuff. Fun and money saving. I still use PAiA mic preamps I built ~1998 I also built a chorus/delay with the old 1024 bucket brigade that got some crazy sounds. Unfortunately i scavenged parts off of that one for other projects. Too many things to do these days to build anything.
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    I saw this in my news feed as well. Looks interesting for sure.
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