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Thread: Condenser Mic Innards?

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    It's my understanding that more than a few condensors require nothing like 48V to operate. Of course, buying the mic, they'll require phantom power, but that's standardized, so they're built for it.

    Besides, you're only really looking for a little bit of biasing voltage with nearly-trivial current with that tiny of a job, if you're dealing in solid state and not tubes. (a moment of silence <LOL>)

    So sure, it could be the elements you've found are rated for 5V (minimum) but will easily handle 48V because that's what the designer/manufacturer knows that they'll see. Drawing next to no current, it's easy to live in a higher voltage environment.

    Well.. unless they're specifically for USB mics, i guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcaxis View Post
    Wasn't suggesting to use specific components, simply that the design would be similar to get from unbalanced to balanced and function off phantom without getting into a transformer on the output to couple and balance.
    Ah, right. Well yes the circuit is fine for balanced drive. Use an LM4562 and a couple of suitable transistors and it could be fine. Capacitor mic amplifiers are of course optimized for a very high source impedance and an input 10-20dB or more above a dynamic capsule.


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