I picked up a Behringer Ultramod MIC2000 2 channel mic pre the other day for $39 at the local audio pawn shop.

I got it to gut and use the case for the twin-servo that I'm building. This is my first Behringer and I was actually suprised with the construction. It has a toroid transformer for the PS and uses +-18 rails. The resistors are for the most part 1% metal film and it looks like good quality caps.

I've not listened to it so I could not say how it sounds but for $39 it cannot be too bad. Sadly they do use 2 quad opamps in each channel and it appears that thy have rubbed of the IC's number and put on their own. This might be a good practice provided you selected the part specifically for this application. Or it just might not.

I expect to chop up the PCB and take out the LED VU meter and reuse those in the twin-servo. And when I'm at it I will try to open up the IC and see if I can identify the device number and maker.

Anybody know about this preamp? It is the one without the tube....

Regards, Ethan