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  1. rory

    Expert sugguestions on an advanced guitar recording setup

    Hi, i'm looking for a few expert recording engineer sugguestions on how to possibly improve a guitar sound a bit. Firstly, i'll give a little background on my setup. I'm running three mics: One cardioid to isolate the sound, one condenser for a little bit of crispness and a tube in the room. I...
  2. rory

    Best mic for

    I'll be recording some water-farts in the near future. They'll be both shower and tub waterfarts. They'll need to have a clear sound, an impedance, and preferably cheap. Also, if they "accidentally" touch my eye afterwards, will I get pink eye?
  3. rory

    You've been... THUNDERSTRUCK!

    What we have here, is the collaboration project between myself, Greg, RocknRoll, Superbeatballer, and Dogman. Greg did the drums and backing vox. RocknRoll did Angus' right guitar part that starts after "the sound of drums" and backup vox too. Superbeatballer did bass. Dogman did backup vox...
  4. rory

    What can you do in 1hr 30 minutes?

    I posted this elsewhere, but I thought it was kind of a neat idea. I had 2 hours to myself at the house today and decided to learn a song as I recorded it. I chose the Shins' "New Slang". The vox needs some work, the bass is a little too low, the main acoustic is a little boomy, but overall...
  5. rory

    Hey Melonboi

    whats up ....
  6. rory


    There really is a protools forum.
  7. rory


    I want to make a studio but it has to kostenlos.
  8. rory

    HAHA GregL

    I can post a new thread!!! Looks like I blew the right people!
  9. rory

    I need a sample

    I'm pretty sure that someone here has to have the sample I'm looking for: the sound of: Cock and balls. Where can I get it?
  10. rory

    Mic cables

    I'm re-wiring the old studio and I'm tired of making my own cables. I'm probably going to get these, but wanted to see if anyone else had tried them first. Whats your, obviously first hand!, experience?
  11. rory

    What software

    are they using for this song?
  12. rory

    My tele deluxe

    I forget who it was, but about a week ago someone said that their dream guitar was an old tele deluxe. I told them I'd post pictures of mine. Here they are. Its a '73 deluxe. Mocha (crap) brown. Beat all to hell. Sounds great.
  13. rory

    Oh No! Anna Nicole Smith Is Dead!

    I'll be passing around the collection plate momentarily... OK, to make this not completely off topic. What mic should I use to record the press conference that is going to happen shortly? I want some crowd noise, but not too much. Should I do an x/y pair, spaced pair, or just one mic???
  14. rory

    Precursor to MYHATBROKE JP22 is AMAZING!
  15. rory

    Smashing Pumpkins, Raleigh, 8/24

    Ok, its not the Smashing Pumpkins, but its the next best thing. I'm playing in a S.P. cover band and we're playing in Raleigh, NC on the 24th at the Lincoln Theatre ( at around 10 or so. Rory
  16. rory

    I take it back! (SM-91 and Kick)

    Ok, I have never been a fan of the SM-91 on much of anything. I tried it on everything you could think of, kick drum, under snare mic, guitar cabs, bass cabs, ambient room mic, even vocals, and never thought very highly of it on just about everything. Well, for S&G last night while tracking...
  17. rory

    I think Metal is becoming homotonous

    I mean really homotonous. Thoughts, comments?
  18. rory

    BLUE Kickball FS

    I have a pristine BLUE Kickball for sale with the ringer shockmount. I would like to sell them as a pair, but would consider selling them individually. I would also entertain serious trades. Priced together, they'd sell brand new for about $190. I'm asking $150 shipped in the US. Both are...
  19. rory

    Great place for 703 rigid fiberglass

    I've seen a lot of threads lately about the stuff, so here is my experience with it. I recently got some of it from spi service center ( for much cheaper than I could find it anywhere else. They sell it by the box of 6 (48 square feet in a box) for $1.14 a square foot. That is...
  20. rory


    This post is about the clarity of recordings. As we move forward in time, recordings have gotten clearer and clearer to where we are now in the state of current music. If you go back and listen to stuff done in the early stages of recorded music to things as late as the 80s, there is a...