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    fx on 246 Yo Reel person

    What am I doing wrong with this deck,other than recording. It's been awhile since I used the fx loop on this.I've tried the fx out on both 1&2 fx out to the in and out of my processor to return to 5&6 line in on the back of the deck.nothing. no fx from the rotarys or faders 5&6. I do have the...
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    hot rocks stones

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    Microphone mixer?

    Hope someone can help me,I just bought a used Teac Tascam Series1 8 channel line mixer that I figured I could use with a Tascam 238.I plugged a mic into the mixers channel ones rca input useing a 1/4 inch to rca adapter to hook the mic into it and have found the gain control on the mixer is...
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    BBE 262 for Mic Trade

    I'm looking for a BBE 262 Sonic Maximizer.They cost 79.00 at musicians friend. I have a Audio Technica Pro 4L that was a display model from a music store. like new with the box. These sell for 70.00 to 85.00 depending on where you buy it so I'ts an even trade
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    audio technica pro 4L

    anybody own a audio technica pro 4L? How do you like it?
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    Rode mt3

    I record my gigs with either my Tascam 424MKII or the Tascam 234. I use a shure BG4.1 a rode NTi which I don't want to use anymore for fear of it getting damaged, line level ins, a shure 57.and a new never tried realistic pzm.My question is with my budget around 125.00,should I get another...
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    controls for the 234

    Can someone please tell me if theres a difference or maybe a specific reason why the 234 has input gain controls on the front panel as well as by the rear section by the 1/4 inch rear mic/line input, I didn't get a manual with mine. Thanks in advance, Rob
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    In praise of Tascam's cassette multitracks

    I just did a gig last Sat. that at the time I percieved we totally sucked,and I don't doubt to some/alot of people we probably did.We had all sorts of sound system problems,the audience was less than thrilled with our type of music and so on. All the ingrediants for a "bad head" during the...
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    A place for 69 cent consumer audio only type 2 tapes& cd's

    Here in Jersey I have had luck at "Job Lot" I was able to buy BASF type2 90 min. cassettes for 69 cents apiece,They also carry 10 packs of Zenith cdr's for music only that work in my Philips 765 for 6.99+tax This store deals in "close outs" so I stocked up
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    Recording direct to a Philips 765

    Just wondering if anyone has recorded live,direct to one of these.I messed around a little,running a sm57 thru my peavey unity mixer doing a voice test and it sounded good.The idea of stereo live recording with 74 uniterupted min. sounds good to me,but I just scratched the surface.Has anyone...
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    Job lot for tapes

    Here in New Jersey we have these close out stores called "Job lot'good place to look for audio video related stuff. I was able to buy BASF typeII 76 min. or 90min. tapes with the case,still sealed as new for 66 cents each.They sound fine..
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    Audio technica 10 F/S

    I just bought one of these on ebay,I don't know a thing about these other than the fact that it's a condensor mic.I plan to use this with my shure BG 4.1 to capture live performances of the bands I gig with useing my Tascam Porta 1 and tascam 234. It's a omni pattern,The shures a cardioid.I once...
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    How do I clean the heads on a 234

    I didn't get a manual with my new/used 234.Anybody know the trick to cleaning the heads? When you open the cassette compartment door,the back plate partially covers the tape/head path.Thanks in advance
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    As some of you know from reading my posts,I just bought a porta one. I really like this deck for it's portable nature and I'm impressed with it's quality sound. It kinda broke after 2 hours of use. It was finicky right from the start and went down hill from there. tape play/record heads would...
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    How about the tascam 234?

    As a vintage tascam anolog junky, I'm also the winning bidder for a low use 234.I added this to my collection for these reasons. When I play live,and if the sound man is not harried,I'll only use my 238 if the sound man has the band miked and I can get individual tracks to the deck.The porta 1...
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    Has Anyone used a Porta 1?

    I'm expecting a porta 1 any day,I bought it on ebay on thurs..I have a few tascam decks,a 238 246,and a 388. They all have different application's in my anolog studio.The reason I bought this porta 1 is because as many if not all of you know, when you are out playing a gig,many a time you are...
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    Mic storage guestion

    I have a new NT1 that I use as my main mic for my 4 track recordings. Am I harming it by putting a big plastic food storage bag over the top when I'm not useing it as a dust cover? I have a dog and a cat and the home that my studio is in is only 800 square feet.I have the bag drooped over it,not...
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    cheapest new audio technicas 3525

    Anyone seen any good prices on these lately?
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    akg c3000 or Rode NT1

    I will be purchaseing the final mic for my collection this week, maybe as early as tomorrow night.I own 3 sm 57's an sm 58,an sm 48 and a shure BG4.1. This new Mic will be either a Akg c 3000 or a Rode NT1. It's primary uses will be for a "live" room overhead and for vocals.I record on a...
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    Hey tascam,My idea for a new 488

    I love the cassette format, But you know what would be cool? What if tascam made a new 488MK111 and say it had 8 xlr inputs,Dolby S,8 track similtaneous recording, and all the great features of the 488 MK11 and weighed 20lbs and cost 599.00.I'll bet they would sell alot of these!