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    Vocal Filter & Vocoding Question

    I need to know how to process vocals like Daft Punk by using software. Can any cakewalk plug-in do that? Or Sonic Foundry ? Need advice. Thanks.
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    No Line In Signal

    i have been using my SBLive to record stuff....and now all of the sudden, no signal is going in anymore, i have even tried Mic Input...the level in the mic input is so low and it sounds distorted. Does that mean my card is busted? What can i do about it? Get a new one? Help... :(
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    Saving everything onto CD

    i have a wrk file which has both midi and audio data. I burned the whole folder (which included the wrk and wav files). I backed them all up because i have not finished with the project, and i need to reformat my HD. Somehow it cannot find those wav files which are also in the cd......i think i...
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    Commercial Midis

    Anyone can recommend any good sites wif commercial pop midis? Like R.Martin, Lopez, etc etc? Thanks.