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  1. ashcat_lt

    Condenser Mic Innards?

    Anybody know if/where I might find a fully assembled circuit board for a condenser mic at a reasonable price. It seems like the kind of thing I'd be able to find on amazon for like $5, but I can't seem to find the right search terms. Everything I come up with is for electret elements expecting...
  2. ashcat_lt

    Mastering for cassette. Lead time?

    I'm heading toward mastering a project for a client, and I'm not actually sure what media he's shooting for, but I suspect he may want to go to cassette for some reason. He'll probably end up dubbing them himself or handing them to a similar sort of DIY duplication house, but he might just send...
  3. ashcat_lt

    Show me your parallel drum compression?

    Actually I want to hear it. I'm curious about how different people approach this, and in particular just how far people typically go. Maybe if people could post just some short clips with like the dry bus, then the compressed bus, then the mix of the two. But really, just the smashed clip...
  4. ashcat_lt

    Unconventional, Unattractive, but Easy and Effective

    I've been mixing in this living room for a few years now. Even without treatment, it has always sounded pretty good. It's about 12 x 21 x 8.5, so almost big enough for decent near field monitoring, and it kind of opens to the rest of the house behind this and like half the walls are just...
  5. ashcat_lt

    Headphone band as blindfold - Listen!

    I've been doing more recordings of bands other than my own lately. Whole bands playing together with acoustic drums and amps and microphones and all that happy crap. While I like to stay pretty hands-off as far as production goes - shooting for more of a document of the live sound rather than...
  6. ashcat_lt

    Infernal Diseased Dire Rat - JSFX plugin

    Long story short, a few years ago I built a DIY modded version of a Proco Rat, and now I've built a digital emulation of it. You can read all about it on the Reaper Forum, and download it from the Reaper Stash. LMK what you think.
  7. ashcat_lt

    What I Think I Am

    Some of the songs are eighteen years old. Some of the tracking was done eight years ago. These are the songs that we've played at every "big show" for the last three years because when I'm up on the stage with all lights on me and I'm really freaking loud, it's about the only thing I really...
  8. ashcat_lt

    Free or super cheap video editing software?

    I didn't actually UTFSF, but I looked back four pages on this board and saw nothing. I'm looking for a video editing/compositing/mixing program that's maybe a step or two up from what I'm using. The best I've found so far for what I'm trying to do is NCH Prism. It does what Windows...