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  1. MiltonBroome

    New Members: Introduce Yourself Here!

    I'm new here. Just returning to music production after about 25 years. Built a basement home studio and trying to get back into song writing. Was once a singer and bass guitarist front man in a band. Trying to learn Studio One and build bass guitars.
  2. MiltonBroome

    New to Home Recording and Need Help - Thank You

    I'm at the start of my recording journey again after a gap of 25 years. I Have a Tascam SD-24SD but I also have a Presonus Quantum 2 interface and a Faderport 8 control surface with Sphere subscription to all the goodies there for Studio One 5. I have this set up in a small home studio with good...
  3. MiltonBroome

    Studio One - Changing the grid increment

    Have you tried speeding up the mouse scroll settings within Windows? This may improve your DAW experience, even if Studio One is lagging a little.
  4. MiltonBroome

    Completely Frustrated w/ Studio One 5

    Stick with it. Takes some familiarisation but it's a very well-featured and supported modern DAW complete platform.