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  1. Trichter

    What Are You Using To Make Music Recordings?

    I am using a Tascam dp24 SD Portastudio. If you know how to handle cassette decks, this should be easy for you. It's the same, just with digital SD cards. Admittedly, it does not have the power and flexibility of a moder DAW, but it forces you to focus on the music and not get lost in thousands...
  2. Trichter

    Instrumental hard rock: Back to the Eighties

    Thanks for the feedback. As a guitar player I tend to over emphasize the guitars, so in this mix I tried to radically thin them out until I could hear the other instruments clearly. Maybe I overdid it. ;) Will try to make another mix with a bit more substance to them.
  3. Trichter

    high energy rocker inspired by Formula One grand prix

    Nice song! I used to watch F1 races regularly, but since it was removed from free TV (at least here in Germany) I did not follow it so closely anymore. Your song captures the spirit I guess ... with a nice high speed finish :D
  4. Trichter

    Instrumental hard rock: Back to the Eighties

    After spending some time with the songbook "Guitar in the 80s" I composed a little instrumental 80s hardrock style song myself. I am quite happy with the outcome. Just the high hats sometimes seem to be too loud ... depending on the system I am listening too. On speakers it sounds ok, on...
  5. Trichter


    I guess you can use most multi effect units for guitar also for violin. The question is how you record the sound. A mic in the room or a pickup system attached to the violin? With a (piezo) pickup the system should behave like any acoustic guitar with a piezo system. With a mic, you have to...
  6. Trichter

    Instrumental Composition

    Thank you very much for your work and detailed explanations! :D I like your mix. Especially the low end is much better than my version and everything is somewhat clearer. Unfortunately, now (with the clearer mix) the hi-hats of the drum section sound very artificial to me, but this is a problem...
  7. Trichter

    Let me mix your songs! I uploaded the tracks of a few instrumental rock/metal compositions of mine. Feel free to give it a try. Would be great if you...
  8. Trichter

    Any of you familiar with Harley Benton Guitars?

    Here is a comparison (sorry, German only): 269 EUR Harley Benton vs 1111 EUR Epiphone: In the end both instruments are of similar quality. The pickups of the Epiphone make a...
  9. Trichter

    Any of you familiar with Harley Benton Guitars?

    HB guitars probably offer the best value for money ratio that I know. Not sure how they achieve this. I guess they cut the quality control (so you might be lucky to get a good model or unlucky) and you don't pay extra for the name. Also I am not sure about the working condition/payment of...
  10. Trichter

    One guitar two lines, one through a droptune, the other normal..combined to one input

    Recently read a review of the ehx intelligent harmony machine and it sounded quite good to me (not synth like).
  11. Trichter

    Tascam DP-03SD vs Zoom R8…?

    I am happy with my Tascam DP24SD as it allows to record and completely mix a song. Even some limited mastering is possible. Not sure if the Zoom can do this as well. However, if you only use it for recording and use a DAW for mixing on the computer anyway, then it does not really matter.
  12. Trichter

    Tascam DP-32SD input compressor question

    Having a DP-24SD I can say the onboard compressor is good enough for home recording tasks. I rarely record vocals, but it works nicely on bass guitar.
  13. Trichter

    heavy instrumental guitar tune in D minor

    I see. But I am afraid that "pulsing" is just a result of me playing the rhythm guitar not perfectly on time. :D I've noticed that sometimes when not playing perfectly on time, a doubled track that is panned left/right can give the impression of constantly changing from left to right and back...
  14. Trichter

    heavy instrumental guitar tune in D minor

    Thanks for the feedback. (y) I am not exactly sure what you mean by "l-r switching". My recording setup is rather simple. Everything recorded in mono from a Line6 PodGo (guitar) or Digitech Bandcreator (base, drums) into a Tascam DP-24SD. The rhythm guitar is double tracked with different amp...
  15. Trichter

    Country Mile

    Sounds good. For the snare transient peaks you showed in that picture. I wouldn't bother too much. In the end it can be squashed with a limiter. The snare hits are a very percussive sound and the transients are (by definition) short time periods, so there will be no big loss in quality for the...
  16. Trichter

    heavy instrumental guitar tune in D minor

    Hello everybody, the title says it all. Some exercises from alternate to sweep picking turned into an instrumental metal song. Enjoy ;)
  17. Trichter

    an acoustic rock tune: "Hightime"

    Sounds good to me :) Good composition, I like how the different guitars play together in the end.
  18. Trichter

    Tascam DP-008EX.

    Just to be sure. You use the line-out of the Tascam and go in the aux-in of the Laney, right? According to google, the Laney LX20R is a guitar amp and has a guitar input and a separate aux-in.
  19. Trichter

    So, I have this cave...

    I know of an old mine that was changed in a concert venue due to its unique acoustics. Thus, for now I would just leave everything as it is and do some test recordings. I guess you will already have an interesting echo/hall. If it is too much you can add diffusers or carpets to reduce it.
  20. Trichter

    Layering exact same sound to add volume?

    If the stem only contains the unchanged sound and it is well aligned, it should only change the volume. If the stem got some EQ or compression or whatever effects on it, it might change the sound. Just go for it and try it. The funny thing about music is, that there is no wrong or right. ;)