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  1. ibleedburgundy

    America Rejects Trump

    Things are looking up. Trump was a terrible and unpopular President who was corrupt in every sense of the word - morally, ethically, politically, criminally. With 6 felons from his inner circle, Trump leaves a lasting legacy of incompetence and stupidity. As the world watched, Trump...
  2. ibleedburgundy

    Surf Rock Song - All Comments Welcome

    Hey there. I'm playing drums and bass and guitar on here. This is the first mix I've ever done using outboard compression in the mix phase. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. I know you don't really need anything that's not ITB these days but for me this was a great learning experience. Recommend...
  3. ibleedburgundy

    Anyone Else Watching the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick Documentary on Vietnam?

    It's pretty well done. Lots of personal stories and perspectives from both sides. I've read a lot but it tends to be all from American perspectives. My Dad was there but we never talk about it in depth. I am on the 3rd episode (out of 10). The thing that sticks out is watching American...
  4. ibleedburgundy

    Boating is good

    I am renting a boat out on the Chesapeake bay and some of the adjoining rivers near Annapolis Maryland. I have 7 people so far including me. It's a 500 hp jet boat - 2015 Chaparral 243 VRX (24 foot boat). Total rental price is $740 for 8 hours and we'll spend another $150 on gas probably. So I...
  5. ibleedburgundy

    I found a parakeet in my front yard today

    They're not indigenous to virginia near as I can tell. I walked up to my house and here's this bright yellow/greenish bird walking around my front yard knawing on some clovers. It was right by the walkway and I didn't want to disturb it plus I thought the kids might to see it so I called my...
  6. ibleedburgundy

    Problems with Logic Remote

    I use logic remote. It is a really cool feature. I link my iphone to the macbook pro and am able to hit start and stop record etc while I am sitting at the drum set on the pother side of the room from my DAW. The dang thing worked properly for about a week. Then it stopped linking up and I was...
  7. ibleedburgundy

    Live Vocal Processing - Need Help

    I know very little about live sound let alone live vocal processing, so any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance. I have two EV ETX35s (powered 3 way speakers). I am happy with them, they are super loud and sound good. Right now I am running sound into them with a Mackie 1604 VLZ. It's mostly...
  8. ibleedburgundy

    Classic Rock Tune #2

    Hey there. This is a classic rock band I recorded in my basement. We recorded the drums, bass and rhythm guitars live and then overdubbed vocals and lead guitar. I don't play on this one, which is kind of neat - I got to just run around setting levels. I don't have anything in particular to...
  9. ibleedburgundy

    I don't Trust My Monitors

    I use Yamaha HS80s 3 feet from the back wall on acoustic pads on my desk facing long-ways in a rectangle room that is 16.5 x 35.5 with 9 foot ceilings. I have wood floors and superchunk bass traps floor to ceiling in 3 of the corners and OC703 4 inch thick 2x4 traps all over the walls and...
  10. ibleedburgundy

    Classic Hard Rock Band - Need Mix Help

    OK this is my friend's band. We recorded the guitar, drums, and bass live at my house and then overdubbed the vocals. All comments welcome. Most of my music is instrumental so mixing vocals is kind of a new thing for me. Thanks! Edit 1: I tried to do all the suggestions. It's less loud and less...
  11. ibleedburgundy

    SNL Does a Serious Skit for Once

    It was brilliant too. The acting is quite good when they want be good. Maybe they should do more serious bits like this.
  12. ibleedburgundy

    MMA Fighter Dies from Injuries Sustained in an MMA Fight I've been saying for years this was going to happen, although I have to admit I thought it would have happened...
  13. ibleedburgundy

    Jazz Fusion Tune Mix 1

    OK this is my first mix in Logic - been a PT guy for a long time but I never upgraded. Needless to say Logic X is better than PT 6.9. I am not familiar with the plug-ins at all. I did a lot of experimentation with this one. First time recording new drum set. First time playing drums in a long...
  14. ibleedburgundy

    Glyn Johns Method....sort of

    So I was experimenting with this method the other day with some changes. I have a pair of Naiant SDCs that I've been using as overheads. Lately I've been feeling like they were a bit thin sounding and considering an upgrade. Then I was reading about the Glyn Johns technique. Someone on a forum...
  15. ibleedburgundy

    The Guy from Pantera is a pretty big butthead, eh?

    Can you believe this guy? :wtf:
  16. ibleedburgundy

    Marco Polo on Netflix

    Anyone watching this? You should. It is fucking awesome.
  17. ibleedburgundy

    Does Alesis Gear have More Problems than Other Brands?

    I have limited experience with Alesis (I had an ADAT and played a DM6 this weekend) but it hasn't been good. The ADAT functioned properly for about 2 weeks. I sent it back to them twice for repairs. Each time they sent it back to me without fixing it. I ultimately used it purely for the A/D...
  18. ibleedburgundy

    Pro Tools Not Recognizing Wav Files to Import

    Hey there. I am using PT 6.9. I recorded some tracks in Logic (must be a new version, I got it in the past year) that I would like to import into pro tools. I have done this before but with garage band - which is Logic lite. For some reason PT is telling me it can't read the files. I've tried...
  19. ibleedburgundy

    New Star Wars Movie *SPOILER ALERT*

    I saw it last night. It was decent enough. I'm not normally the type of person to go to opening night on a new movie but someone I know had an extra ticket for a movie theater right by my place. What I liked: I liked the new main characters. Fin is cool and so is Rey. He is a defecting Storm...
  20. ibleedburgundy

    Haha You Guys Ate Beaver Piss

    Sucks to be you! Castoreum Is Produced from Beaver Secretions? : I don't understand how this came to be. So two guys were standing around one day and this conversation actually happened: Location: Ice cream Factory Bill: Hey Bob, this ice cream is pretty good but do you know what...