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  1. philbagg

    Been a while

    Hey everyone! I was just going through my old email inbox and saw the "Happy Birthday" email from this site from a few months back. I know it's a bot but it's nice I still got one every year despite having not posted here in years. I used to post quite frequently. Think I stopped around the...
  2. philbagg

    Considering some DIY work

    Hi all, I'm thinking of doing some work on my guitar myself, and I'm mainly looking for thoughts/opinions/advice. The guitar is an Ibanez RGA121 Prestige, like this: The first thing is a repair job. I may be wrong on the terminology, but I believe there's a back-bow on the neck: basically...
  3. philbagg

    Guitar Input Problem

    Hi guys, long time no see! I'm having an issue with my RGA 121 Prestige at the moment. Whenever I plug the cable in all the way, there's no signal (well, there's the very faintest sound - barely audible below all the noise). When I pull the cable out a small bit, I get full signal. I've...
  4. philbagg

    Pro Tools LE 7.4 won't open sessions on Snow Leopard (10.6.7) Hackintosh

    Hey guys. So I finally got a hackintosh up and running! It runs like a dream (except for a slight problem with airport - but if I update, it won't work)... Anyway, that's not important right now! So I have Pro Tools 7.4, and 8 (free upgrade all that time ago). Instead of waiting for 8 to...
  5. philbagg

    Levels - Pop/Rock band from Ireland!

    Hey guys! Sorry if I'm breaking any forum rules :confused: ... If I am, just let me know if there's anywhere else I can post and I'll take this down. - But it DOES say that this is the place to "show off" ;) Just thought I'd post this up anyway, link to my bands facebook page :) Levels |...
  6. philbagg

    "What You Do To Me" - philbaggs band :D

    We're kinda hoping this'll be the first single. We're working on the demo at the moment, and this is the first one to be put down properly. Just looking for some mix critique, the usual stuff. And if you don't have any, hope you enjoy the song! :) If anyone's having a problem with the link...
  7. philbagg

    Music Production Toolkit & Pro Tools LE 8 freezes at loading screen

    Hey guys, haven't been on for a while. Have an issue however (isn't it always the way :D) Any help at all with this would be appreciated. EDIT #1: Turns out the DV toolkit 2 crashes it also. I installed it (leaving the MPTK uninstalled) and I get the same error. EDIT #2: Just read up on the...
  8. philbagg

    Frequency Response Chart help?

    Right, I know the basics. X-Axis being Hz, Y-Axis being dB. Just curious as to why there would be two lines below 1kHz? It couldn't be a HPF :confused: Proximity effect? If so, Should it not say the distance?
  9. philbagg

    Few questions about capos

    I play acoustic guitar for some songs with the band, and I'm wonderin is there any capos out there (some kinda special design) that DON'T put the guitar slightly sharp? I can get away with it, but I myself notice the slight difference in pitch. IOW, if I have the guitar perfectly tuned with the...
  10. philbagg

    My new, NEW Axe!

    Picked this guitar up the other night. Ibanez RGA121 Prestige Mahogany. I'm in love! (Only thing different about my one is the lack of a tone control, which I rarely ever use anyway) Nice to have a guitar with a fixed bridge again. I can finally change tunings without having to get all...
  11. philbagg

    Weight Loss

    Wouldn't mind getting into shape and losin a few pounds. Kinda hard when my job/hobby (music) mainly involves sitting at a computer, mixing, or teaching, or standing for just a few hours a week at gigs and rehearsals. I've got bad eating and sleeping habits, which have enough of an impact on my...
  12. philbagg

    Dreams - Fleetwood Mac cover

    SM57 about a metre from me, my acoustic, and the singer from my band, all live. Recorded for fun. Not lookin for any mix critique, just thought I'd throw it up. Hope you enjoy :D PS: Not actually sure I like the new look of this place...
  13. philbagg

    So I got my guitar set up...

    ...the one talked about in this thread. Sounds great. Intonation's done, no more fret buzz, even got a whammy bar fitted on (last one broke off :o) One problem though. He put the guitar back into standard tuning, I had it in Eb. I'm gettin alot more picky (if that's the word) with keeping this...
  14. philbagg

    What gauge strings?

    ...and why? Electric and/or acoustic. I find lower gauge can sound out of tune if fretted/strummed to hard, but they're easier to play. Just curious as to what gauge strings you guys use.
  15. philbagg

    "Antimalware Doctor" Virus

    This is the THIRD time I've come across this f**king thing. Anybody here had to deal with it before? It's stronger this time. It won't let me go online to download the files I need to get rid of it. Then it prevented me from viewing "My Computer", so I had to put download the files from the...
  16. philbagg

    Beat It Solo

    We're covering the MJ tune, and I've been landed with the solo... Jesus, it's a bastard to learn. I guess it's a good challenge, and it should improve my playing if I can get it together :) Any tips?
  17. philbagg

    TS Lead vs. Guitar Lead

    What's the difference? :confused: I usually plug my guitar into my MBox 2 with a guitar lead for Guitar Rig, and it works fine. I leave my amp at the bands rehearsal spot so I use this at home for practice. Today I left my guitar lead in the singers car, so I just grabbed a TS lead that I use...
  18. philbagg

    Band Name Ideas

    Didn't really know where else to put this... So I've just started a new band. 4 of us guys, and a female singer. We're struggling to find a good band name. Anybody have any interesting techniques for coming up with a name? Or even better, anybody giving out any names? :D
  19. philbagg

    URGENT Hard Drive Problem! HELP!

    Sorry, I don't normally do the "HELP MEEE!!!" titles but this is kind of urgent. I need to get this sorted ASAP. My internal hard drive is clicking, it's fucked. I'm trying to save what I can of it by copying it over to a separate drive. The thing is, when I go to copy, there are some files on...
  20. philbagg

    Sampling & Synthesis

    I'm getting into doing a lot more electronic music these days, using a lot of synths and stuff. I want to start making my own sounds, as opposed to the presets however. From scratch even. I know the basics such as ADSR, cutoff etc., but is there anywhere I can learn about making patches from...