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  1. bouldersoundguy

    Disco Inferno

    Classic disco song reworked in a slightly more rock style. There are 16 tracks of vocals on this (not all at the same time).
  2. bouldersoundguy

    Live Band Sampler Video

    I shot this video of this band last summer at a cool outdoor venue in the mountains near Fort Collins, Colorado. I had six cameras going and I recorded multitrack from their digital "shoebox" mixer. I actually took over doing the live mix since their sound guy had to leave after the first set...
  3. bouldersoundguy

    Manic Depression - Cover

    Here's a pedal steel guitar doing things you probably didn't expect.
  4. bouldersoundguy

    Spot the Edits

    This is a live take, recorded during a rehearsal. The band wanted to put it out as a demo, so I needed to clean up some minor errors. There are four edits, one of which is just a brief mute. The other three are clips copied from the previous take. Two are in the pedal steel, one in the lead...
  5. bouldersoundguy

    Phillips Stereo Mic

    I was digging around in my pile of old gear and I found this. Phillips EL 3752/00.
  6. bouldersoundguy

    Folk Duo

    I made this video a few weeks ago for the Folk Unlocked online event. It's one of five I shot for the event over two days. I did the audio mixing and video editing, and I helped out with the recording setup. That studio could use some half height stands to make things look a little less...
  7. bouldersoundguy

    Sony TC-388-4 Quadraphonic Reel to Reel

    I'm all about recording in digital and staying ITB, but it's not for lack of experience with analog systems. So, to back up my analog cred and to give everyone something interesting to look at, here's my Sony TC-388-4 quadraphonic open reel deck. It sat in my closet for years waiting to be made...
  8. bouldersoundguy

    Video: "Down in Mexico"

    Here's my latest video, first of three from this session.
  9. bouldersoundguy

    Jazz/Funk/Groove Band Live in the Studio Video

    This is the first of a series of four or five videos I'll be releasing. All live takes, no audio edits other than some cleanup and automation.
  10. bouldersoundguy

    Solo Live Performance Recording Setup

    Recently I was hired to record a live concert by a solo acoustic artist. He accompanied his singing with a variety of stringed instruments using a single large diaphragm mic. I recorded five tracks: the LDC mic, my AT822 stereo mic and a pair of PZM boundary mics. I used one of my 16-channel XLR...
  11. bouldersoundguy

    Cover of "The Letter"

    Cover of "The Letter" originally by The Box Tops and later by Joe Cocker.
  12. bouldersoundguy

    Recent Live Rehearsal Recording

    I recorded this live at my friend's home studio during a rehearsal and mixed it in my living room. It's a cover of a song done by a band called Monarchs. [Edit] I just tweaked the mix a bit and updated the link. [Edit] I've taken this down as I look into getting the appropriate permissions to...
  13. bouldersoundguy

    New Band, Live Performance

    I know this isn't recorded in a home studio, but I did all the audio mixing and video editing in my living room. The band I'm working with went to an open mic night that accommodates full bands in January and they got asked to come back as a headliner in February. The venue uses a Behringer X32...
  14. bouldersoundguy

    First song from new band

    Ira Frazier by Caity Chaos and the 360s (on Bandcamp)
  15. bouldersoundguy

    Soundcloud Audio Quality Video

    Here's an interesting video attempting to sort out audio quality issues with Soundcloud. The results were sort of inconclusive and the person who made the video asks for viewer input so I'm posting it here in case anyone has insight to offer.
  16. bouldersoundguy

    Another Live Music Video

    I won't post the whole series, but I thought it would be cool for you to see the usual lead singer for this group:
  17. bouldersoundguy

    Multi-Cam Live Music Video

    I could have done better with the camerawork but I think it came out okay.
  18. bouldersoundguy

    Play the recorder

    For those not on Facebook:
  19. bouldersoundguy

    Boots live

    My most recent multi-camera video: Ginger Slap!- "Boots" - Live at The Shop 7/15/2017 - YouTube
  20. bouldersoundguy

    Getting a project mastered by a pro

    Went up to Airshow Mastering with my studio partner yesterday to play some tracks and see if they'd be interested in mastering a project I've mixed. Quite the room.