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    one last writ

    my comfort thing is losing me fastly or so she said my god give me a woman who will converse slowly please
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    one last writ

    ill see to it that you sleep soundly take my word im on guard i will kill all the invaders so go to sleep my darling have sweet soothing dreams and tell me in the morning we'll have toast and coffee watch the fog roll off the highway see the farmer kick the ground smell the smoke from the low...
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    come on folks = come on = join = the = wayward writer = says who?

    really? none of you got nothing? bring it here. no one will ever see it but you. in those dying moments when she stomps on the floor above your head you will have this place or is it all mine?
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    my mother

    here's to lucky boys.
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    all good brother

    what are you gona do now? said the mute eyeballer looking thru the window. i got you. i can wait. but you caint. i see the weakness in your stance, the half cocked way you sit in a chair, like a bum who just got thawed out from an overnight night ride on a north bound freight train. and i...
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    my mother

    my mother i love her no other oh man i am feeling good no depress no paranoia no i don't know ya a sweet flow of calm like a warm mothers balm spread on my lips with her warm she loved me with abandon of which i came to expect i grew to love her too at this moment i still do at this moment...
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    Manslick - New Steel

    well it seems i got time
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    Who are your top favorite male singers

    Barry Manilow after Frank Sinatra
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    Nowhere Man

    So this has been a day for which to be thankful grateful blessed. here my friends is another iteration humbly honoring the og.
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    Nowhere Man

    so ye just for fun with nothing else to do on now. threw it together this norming clams and all
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    Nowhere Man

    the bass in this song, I say PM was high or else he tried to play every note on the neck. I remember one night after a gig I was sitting with my bandmate after hitting a dud and he looks over and goes wtf man? that bass. I was like, right on dude.
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    Nowhere Man

    edit it
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    Nowhere Man

    where? man.
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    Manslick - New Steel

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    Manslick - New Steel

    This tune has been kicking around my mind for a long time. I took a trip to Towanda PA once to a job site. this is the result. Long tune, like an unplugged with the plugged later. Mix comments welcome. This is an old recording, like 2016.
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    new steel

    New steel came floating across the sea yea Off the boat from South Korea On the roads, of the cold dead smelt in the plants of the old rust belt New steel on way to the job site And nobody even put up a fight The steel rode the road to deliver Near the bank of the Susquehanna River trees came...
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    Beg & Steal - alternative indie rock original

    Sounds done to me thru JBL E100 open speakers and AKG K240 cans. Hmm thru the JBL the mix sounds more compressed than thru the cans, mostly the vox or the effect that is on the vox - but still sounds great
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    I just bought a reel to reel, after all these years of telling everyone how stupid they are if they do it!

    I bought that in 1970 for $90. Brought it to many gigs back in the day and still have many of the old tapes.
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    Where do you stand on Motorized Faders?

    Been eying the Tascam Model 24. It looks so sleek compared to my 2488.