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    I bet nobody has one of these!

    A friend forwarded these pics. Made by ABC in the early 60s. A gunshot generator! Single hits or machine guns with ricochets! I bet Dave loves this one
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    This is me, until the middle of January. I have people do do all the clever stuff and my job is to look after the show.

    I'm currently in Belfast, Northern Ireland - and 80 something shows in a wonderful Frank Matcham designed opera house!
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    Dante Cards for Behringer X-32 our Midas M-32 - rare as hens teeth it seems

    Anybody know why nobody seems to have these in stock? Is something odd happening. All the usual suppliers seem to say no stock - maybe 4-5 weeks? This seems a bit odd?
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    Wow! A network switch that improves your digital audio

    What is the audiophile world coming to - It's a $35 switch rebadged and over $700!
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    How it was in 1973 - magazine article from the 70s

    Loads of obsolete stuff, but some things in the adverts are still with us now!
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    Mimicing recorded sound on stage in a live situation

    On YouTube lots of people found the Carpenters stuff we put in a video interesting so I've had a look back at our attempts to re-create the Beach Boys music on stage. The first part you might find revealing - the first section is the studio version of one track (which Youtube did a copyright...
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    More Carpenters Recreations

    I'm a bit mystified - a while back I put a video on youtube about the Carpenters use of complex backing vocals and it went a bit crazy - loads of questions. Most were positive, a few of course negative, but loads of questions. I thought I would do a follow up video with Goodbye to love - which...
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    Recording Grand Piano - revisited

    I've had another look at piano recording, now I've had a bit of time to experiment. Stereo, mono and even a bit of M/S. See what you think
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    Digital Playback from Mac to Behringer X32 problems

    i was doing a playback show that required no audio problems, so I decided two MacBooks with QLab and a dual box so ever6 cue would fire off both macs and if anything happened, a hot changeover saves the day. Audio via usb out to the X32. If used this dozens of times for recordings so I know it...
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    Been putting this track together - I'd forgotten what a clever track this was, and it took a while to remember to not play bass on the beat!
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    I just bought a reel to reel, after all these years of telling everyone how stupid they are if they do it!

    In my teens, I started some freelance work for broadcasters (BBC Local Radio) and of course it was all reel to reels. I started on Ferrograph Series 7, then Super 7, then for a few months Logic 7. Ferrograph were a very traditional recorder, that rarely made it out of the UK, and was built like...
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    Nasty counterfeit SM57 with interesting end discovery

    I looked for cheap counterfeit SM57 on ebay - found one for £12 - about $15 and compared it to a real one - then got sidetracked into 57 vs 58, then Beta 58. Then something happened and we've talked about the dangers of this before. A bit cyrptic but you'll see whay.
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    84.2Hz the killer bass frequency that wrecks your drive?

    Have a look at this youtube video. I was quite sceptical but now I'm not sure. What got me was near the end when the manufacturers solution was to install a filter to remove the nasty frequency - how many laptops must there be with a filter in the bass? What do you all think? Is this genuine? A...
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    Interesting job coming up

    I got a call today I said yes to without even discussing money. A modern extremely well known composer, in his 70s now who writes serious music for choirs, piano and orchestras. A secret sort of event - like a masterclass with Q&As from an invite only guest list. I've sorted the Steinway...
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    The manufacturer responses to questions on why their digital cables sound better

    Denon were selling a cable - their description bordered on the silly side Dedicated DENON LINK cable made of high-purity copper wire Get the purest signal from multi-channel DVD and CD playback through Denon receiver Connector and cable structure designed to thoroughly...
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    Cubase 12 and terrible Steinberg support.

    Cards on table. First Cubase buy was in 96 I think, with Cubase Score on an Atari in Black and White. I've stuck with it loyally since then. I bought Cubase 12 Pro - an upgrade, as usual. Installed it first on the studio machine at home, then noticed the new licensing system and the ability...
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    Dodgy adverts?

    You don't really expect adverts like this on a recording forum? Or maybe you do?
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    Repairs to old aborted tracks

    I've got a lot of old tracks that never got finished, and going through them, most are no loss really, but I found this one that needed a new bass, organ and piano - and the lead vocal had a few phrases that needed some work. No idea why it got scrapped, but I've fixed it with some re-recording...
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    Have you ever recorded something so bad the client says forget it?

    One of the things I do is live sounds where I record it and then either give the individual raw tracks to the client, or do the mix. Some are really good, others perhaps need a little er, help - waht I mean is maybe a few bum notes on the bass fixed, or maybe even tuning on some of the lead and...
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    Another song with lyrics

    I figured I'd try another guitar song - but one with busy lyrics. verse, chorus and a bridge. It's catchy but while I like the chorus, the verse is a bit murky and low I think. Not mixed or even tweaked balance wise - so just the song format