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  1. John Willett

    NEW - Sennheiser MKE 600 gun mic.

    AT IBC in Amsterdam, Sennheiser launched the new, affordable, MKE 600 gun mic. Press release is HERE. More info. is HERE and HERE. Retail price is, I gather, about £250 - so *very* affordable. It's battery powered / phantom powered, so you have a choice - but the specs are slightly better if...
  2. John Willett

    Another Rycote Open Day

    I have just found out that Rycote will be having another of their "Open Days" on the 10th May at their factory in Stroud, Gloucestershire. These are great for networking with other users and see the insides of Rycote (great food too). I have been to quite a few of these and will be going to...
  3. John Willett

    Mac OS-X Lion released today

    It's in the App Store now. Anyone upgraded yet?
  4. John Willett

    Get Paid to Review Gear - Up to $600 a month

    I saw THIS and thought it looks interesting. But - $5 per review! And they only pay you when you have done $150 worth! :( I mean - really ................... I have written reviews for several magazines and $600 is what I would expect for a single review, or maybe two short ones. In the UK...
  5. John Willett

    Another Rycote Open Day - 27 Jan

    I have just found out that Rycote are having another of their excellent and informative Open Days on the 27th January. Details are HERE for anyone in the UK interested in going. I have been to a few of them and always find them interesting and a great opportunity to network generally.
  6. John Willett

    Another Rycote Open Day - September 3rd

    It seems that the Rycote Open Days are proving so popular, they are having another on the 3rd of September. So if you missed it before or just want to go again, this is your chance. Details are HERE. They say:-
  7. John Willett

    Rycote Open Day

    As I'm involved as an independent consultant, I thought I would post this for those in the UK.